The NWFA's Wood Floor of the Year (WFOY) awards were developed to encourage and recognize innovative craftsmanship and design in wood flooring installations. Since the program began in 1990, more than 200 awards have been presented to NWFA member companies throughout the world.

Each entry must include a complete description, a digital, high resolution photograph, and a print of that same photograph. Those submitting their entries online must send a printed photograph to NWFA Headquarters separately in order for the photograph to be on display at NWFA Expo.

Submissions for the 2018 Wood Floor of the Year Awards are closed. Winners will be announced during the NWFA Expo 2018 Opening Splash.



Best Restoration/Makeover

Entries in this category include all types of restorations, repairs, or refinishes, in either a residential or commercial application. Applications can include job site finished, manufacturer finished, or engineered wood flooring. Floors in this category cannot be a previous Wood Floor of the Year entry. For this category, a smaller photo of the "before" floor is required for judging.

Best Color & Finish Application

Entries in this category include job site applied applications of dyes, reactive colorant, layered color, faux finishing, and/or tinted sealers. Details of the process must be included in the description.

Best Circular/Curved Application

Entries in this category include any circular shape within a flooring system, such as circles, ovals, curves, and bent material. Applications can include job site finished, manufacturer finished, solid or engineered wood flooring.

Best Parquetry/Inlay Application

Entries in this category include any parquet pattern, medallion, marquetry, or intarsia inlay. CNC and laser cut applications are acceptable. Method must be indicated.

Best Textured Wood Application

Entries in this category include scraped, wire-brushed, distressed, or any surface that is not traditional flat. Applications can include job site finished, manufacturer finished, solid or engineered wood flooring. Restorations, repairs, and refinishes are not eligible.

Members' Choice

Entry in this category is automatic. All floors entered into the contest will be eligible, which will include all types of floors in all categories.

Best of Social Media

Entry in this category is automatic. All floors entered into the contest will be eligible. Floors will be featured on NWFA's social channels. The floor with the most engagement will receive this award.


1. The contest is open to NWFA member companies only. All participants must be NWFA members in good standing.

2. Each NWFA member company entering the contest is limited to a maximum of three entries. The entries can be in the same category, or in different categories; however, each floor can be entered into the contest only one time.

3. A separate entry form is required for each entry. You may not use the same entry form for multiple entries.

4. The contest is open to flooring installations only. Each floor must meet all the criteria of the category in which it is entered, with the category for each entry marked clearly on the entry form. Each floor must be installed or restored at an actual job site. Floors installed or restored at instructional training events are not eligible for this contest.

5. If multiple companies are involved in the installation or restoration, only one company may enter the floor in the contest. All companies involved in the installation or restoration should be identified on the entry form.

6. Each entry must include a completed entry form, one 8" x 10" color photograph, and a color CD or USB drive of the same photograph. Photographs should not include any company identification (person, logo, or other item) that may influence the judges, nor should photos be digitally altered. Digitally altered photographs will be disqualified. No company identification will be provided during the voting phase of the contest. 

7. CDs/USB drives submitted for the contest should include one photo only. The photo on the CD/USB drive should be the same photo that is printed and sent. Digital photo format must be .jpg, minimum 300 dpi.

8. Descriptions will be accepted as requested on the entry form only. No additional information will be used.

9. Each floor entered into the contest must have been installed or restored, and completed, between January 2017 and December 31, 2018.

10. Each entry must be received at NWFA headquarters by 5:00 pm (Central) on January 10, 2018. No extensions will be granted.

11. Seven awards will be presented, one in each of the categories listed above. An Honorable Mention award will be presented to 2nd place entries that receive one vote less than the first place winner in any category. Honorable Mention awards may not be presented in each category. Voting will occur online only from January 11, 2018 through January 31, 2018.

12. Awards will be presented during the Opening Splash to be held during NWFA Expo 2018 in Tampa, Florida. Winners will be notified in advance.

13. Each winner will receive a certificate, lapel pin and trophy. In addition, each winner will be featured in Hardwood Floors Magazine. All other entries will be featured on the NWFA website. Publicity will be distributed on behalf of each winner to trade press, and will be provided to each winner for use in their local media as well. Distributors will be recognized with a certificate upon request. Other participating companies will have the option to purchase a certificate.

14. All entries, photographs and other materials used in this contest become the property of the NWFA for use in promoting wood flooring and the wood flooring industry. No entry materials will be returned.

15. The NWFA reserves the right to reject any entry it deems to not be in compliance with these rules. The NWFA is the final authority on all decisions with regard to this contest.

Questions? Contact Keith Troyer at keith.troyer@nwfa.org.