Twenty-first century learning is evolving and so are our education sessions. Participate in quality programming that will focus on marketing, management, health, inspectors, and technical skills. With 20+ sessions addressing the entire supply chain, this year's education offers something for everyone.

Sessions will include a mix of traditional speakers lecturing on a topic as well as round-table discussions facilitated by an industry expert. The round-table sessions are designed to allow attendees to have a more meaningful and impactful experience through peer-to-peer interaction and reflective discussions. Our hope is that each attendee will leave with something they can practice when back in their daily routines, and that a collaborative and reflective environment will lend to this experience. In order for this format to be successful, you will need to get out of your comfort zone, be vulnerable, and participate in discussions with other like-minded individuals. Come ready to participate and learn in Fort Worth!

Expo education sessions that take place on Thursday, May 2 and Friday, May 3 are included in your registration fee.

Each participant will receive one CCU.


Open to NWFA members who are Certified Professionals, Pre-Expo Symposium, taught by Joseph Lstiburek, is titled Slabs, Crawlspaces, and Wood Flooring.

Concrete comes in a big truck and we pour it. Thousands of pounds of water to start with. And we place it on wet ground. What could go wrong? It gets better. Lets build a wood floor over wet dirt and install wood flooring over it….and then vent the space between the dirt and the wood with outside air that is also wet. What could go wrong?

Other topics covered include:

  • Moisture movement through the building and how it can affect wood flooring and wood subfloors.
  • Methods of controlling moisture, and negative consequences of improper moisture control systems.
  • Use of moisture control systems and vapor retarding membranes used over wood subfloors to prevent moisture migration.
  • Side effects of using impermeable membranes between the wood floor and wood subfloor, over moist crawl spaces.
  • Installing finished flooring in a new construction home without HVAC operational.
  • Regional Differences - from southern coastal to high desert, and everything in between. How is one wood flooring product expected to perform the same everywhere?

Each participant will receive two CCUs.

Join us for Pre-Expo Symposium on Wednesday, May 1 for an additional $225 ($275 onsite).