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Fort Worth,  TX 
United States
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Leggett & Platt Flooring Products offers varying options of flooring underlayment to help protect and extend the life of laminate, engineered wood, floating hardwood, luxury vinyl tile and plank, WPC, rigid composite, and ceramic and porcelain tile. Our premium flooring underlayments work to reduce noise and increase comfort underfoot, while providing protective barriers to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria.

We offer comfort and durability through Innovation

Leggett & Platt, which pioneered sleep technology when it introduced its bedspring 135 years ago, is an S&P 500 diversified manufacturer. Serving a broad suite of customers that comprise a "Who's Who" of U.S. companies, Leggett & Platt conceives, designs, and produces a diverse array of products that can be found in most homes, offices, and vehicles.

Founded in 1883, the company is made up of 14 business units, 23,000 employee-partners, and 145 facilities in 18 countries. Leggett & Platt continues to infuse its products with its trademark innovation, helping customers enjoy more comfortable lives.

Leggett & Platt Flooring Products is the largest manufacturer of carpet cushion and hard surface underlayment in the United States. With manufacturing locations nationwide, we offer excellent service from coast to coast, are proud to comply with the ISO9000 standards of quality management, and are certified under LP9000.

Our broad product line includes not only traditional configurations, but a wide array of proprietary, high-tech cushions, and hard surface underlayments to meet the ever-changing designs of today's sophisticated flooring.

Brands: Whisper Step, Hush Step, Quiet Elegance and Sound Off acoustical underlayments for laminate, engineered wood, floating and solid hardwood flooring. Firm Grip area rug pad helps keep area rugs in place

 Press Releases

  • With our latest innovations now available, Leggett & Platt Flooring Products is the industry’s only complete flooring solution provider.

    By offering traditional carpet cushion, hard surface acoustical underlayment, area rug underlayment and ceramic tile crack isolation products, we make it easy to find the flooring underlayment that’s right for you.

    Any combination of product can be included on a single order. 


  • Whisper Step®
    Whisper Step® acoustical underlayment offers high-density support under solid and engineered hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl tile/plank flooring.
    Whisper Step® provides a significant reduction in impact noise and can be used over most substrates.


  •     For use under
        Solid hardwood
        Engineered hardwood
        Luxury vinyl tile/plank
        Rigid composite
        Provides significant reduction to impact noise in the room and floor below
        Retains acoustic properties over time
        Guaranteed not to break down or bottom out for the life of the floor
        For use over in-floor heating and is recommended by the Radiant Professionals Alliance as an excellent choice
        Can be used over most substrates – on, above, or below grade
        Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and odor-causing bacteria
  • Quiet Elegance®
    Quiet Elegance® acoustical underlayment is designed to reduce noise in active households and minimize the hollow sound associated with floating floors. This underlayment is easy to install, and its built-in moisture barrier helps to protect floors....

  • Benefits

    Reduces noise in today's active households

    Minimizes the hollow sound associated with floating floors

    Built-in moisture barrier featuring overlap protection for seams

    Fresh Dimension® antimicrobial treatment

    Smooths out minor floor irregularities

    Fast and easy to install

    Excellent choice for radiant-heated floors

    Hypoallergenic and CRI Green Label Plus-certified

  • Firm Grip™
    Firm Grip™ area rug pad is great for high-traffic areas or under heavy furniture. It helps keep area rugs in place, is reversible, and can be used on hard surfaces or carpeted floors....

  • Benefits

    Slip-resistant pad keeps area rugs in place

    Reversible – use on hard surfaces or carpeted floors

    Provides a luxurious foundation for comfort

    Great for high-traffic areas or under heavy furniture