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Vesting , inventors of the worlds first LED curing Hardwax Oil, replaces UV Oils with Forting LED Hardwax Oil product lines.

Welcome to Vesting USA and experience new LED on site finish

 No need for UV protection, or worries about solvents and ozone emissions. Vesting with SMELT 10,000 hours LED lights is an environmentaly friendly and cost - effective solution averaging 60% savings in energy consumption. Vesting LED Hardwax Oils comes in a wide range of colors for a individual and strong finishing, the Vesting LED Hardwax Oils immediately cures and is immediately duriable upon exposure or SMELT LED light. The Vesting LED Hardwax Oils are infinitely workable allowing seamless touchups, color layering, full-color adjustment, and re-coating in addition to maintenance coats. On-site finishing and off-site finishing is done without downtime.


  • LED curing Hard-Waxoil
    Vesting HardWax Oil is the first ever LED cure that instantly hardens and completely dries when exposed to LED lighting.

  • Vesting LED-HardWax Oil is a high-quality finishing oilwith unique characteristics. The oil consists of a special mixture of oils, waxes, resins and additives. As a result,Vesting HardWax Oil is the first ever that instantlyhardens and completely dries when exposed to LEDlighting. The floor has an optimal load-bearing capacityimmediately after treatment!

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