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Flooring Protection Top to Bottom

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Now more than ever before, flooring has become a “statement” décor item in many types of construction.  Protecting its integrity is an important element to the value of the finished project.  Fortifiber® Flooring Products are designed to do one thing: protect the investment in today’s beautiful floors from top to bottom.  The Fortifiber line includes products installed below floors that protect from moisture vapor with popular brands like Aquabar® B and HWD-15.  We also offer the Accord™ line of sound-rated padding for quiet, comfortable living.  Additionally, the line includes FortiBoard™ and other surface protectors—critical components of damage prevention on any jobsite.

Importantly, we offer products that have PASSED California's rigid Indoor Air Quality standards.

Brands: Aquabar ®, Accord™, Accord LVT and Accord Basic, FortiBoard™, FortiFlash® 40 for Floors, HWD-15®, Scribe Rite®, Seekure®, Red Rosin and Utility Paper


  • Aquabar "B" Hardwood Floor Underlayment
    Ideal for Wood Flooring
    With a moisture vapor permeance of less than 1, Aquabar “B” is the superior vapor
    retarder under wood flooring applications....

  • Aquabar “B” helps slow moisture vapor originating below the floor system, allowing the wood flooring to acclimate gradually. By reducing the rate of moisture migration, Aquabar “B” protects against moisture vapor related floor problems such as buckling, cupping or cracking. Aquabar "B" is a Class II Vapor Retarder and Passes California's rigid VOC Indoor Air Quality Standards.
  • Moistop Ultra Class I Moisture Barrier
    Moistop Ultra for Floating Floor Installations
    Specifying the Fortifiber® Moistop Ultra Line of virgin resin vapor retarders gives you a superior
    level of rugged protection from jobsite abuse....

  • Moistop Ultra Moisture Barrier prevents unwanted vapor migration through concrete slabs, protecting against mold and other moisture-related problems. Fortifiber Moistop Ultra is engineered to:

    • Provide moisture vapor protection over concrete slabs
    • Resist soil bacteria, chemicals and pollutants
    • Resist punctures and tears
    • Resist hot and cold temperatures

  • Accord Flooring Pads
    Accord Flooring Pads from Fortifiber Building Systems Group® cushions and provides both sound resistance and moisture protection for worry-free installation....

  •  Accord, Acord LVT and Accord BASIC are designed to be used over sub-floors under floating laminate and engineered flooring, Accord pads quiet the sounds of everyday use. Accord and Accord LVT are sound rated with an Impact Isolation Class of 71 and a Sound Transmission Class of 67. Accord pads are easy to install, with an integrated seam seal tape. Accord is also a Class I moisture vapor barrier over concrete with a perm rating of .04. It does not require an extra polyethylene barrier. It has been tested for indoor air quality and has no detectable VOCs. Accord BASIC is our economical 2-1 pad, cushion and moisture barrier.

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