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Over forty years of experience has placed us in a unique position to offer industry specialist knowledge on all aspects of commercial gluing using thermoplastic adhesives.

Welcome to Power Adhesives

Our unique knottec knot-filling adhesive has been especially formulated for the fast and effective repair of not only knot defects, but also deep scratches and other forms of deep wood damage. Because of its tough characteristics knottec is perfect for repairing wooden doors, window frames, furniture, floors, and much much more.

Available in fifteen different colours in each of two different formulations, knottec may be chosen to blend with the surrounding wood, filling voids and disguising repaired areas prior to varnishing etc. Choose 7713 formulation for general applications where an easy-to-trim and easy-to-sand product is required; choose 7718 formulation for applications where a tougher, hardwearing product is required e.g. repairing laminate flooring.

Brands: Knottec Wood Repair System TackFix180, Hot Melt Construction Adhesives for Hardwood Flooring & More

 Show Specials

  • Do you have 1/2" Glue Gun?  Would you like to try the knottec solution for the quick repair of knot defects, scratches on your floors?

    We are running an introductory show special for only $92, you will have the opportunity to try the knottec accesory kit and use your own glue gun.  This kit includes, a 10 pack sample of knottec adhesives, one glue saver, two heat sinks, one mouse plane, one tec mat.  

 Press Releases

  • Power Adhesives is happy to introduce at this years NWFA Expo new formulations of the TACKFIX Hot Melt Construction Adhesives. The new Tackfix 180 hot melt construction adhesives is the fastest, strongest hot melt construction adhesive for hardwood flooring & more.  It is non-toxic and it is specially formulated to run well in any 1/2" (12mm) glue gun. It has a 180 seconds or 3 minutes open time to allow you for the flexibility needed to adjust any on-site job.  In addition we are introducting the new TACKFIX48 for tack strips to concrete and more. This formulation offers a 48 second open time and instant bonding. Come visit our booth 1220 for a free demonstration.  For further information please visit www.poweradhesives.com or call us 704-334-2425.   We are happy to be a Prize Sponsor during this years NWFA Expo, Come to our booth to register to win a Knottec Wood Repair Kit.


  • Knottec Wood Repairs
    Easy to use, fast hot melt adhesive solution for the repair of knot defects but also deep scratches and other forms of deep wood damage. Fast and effective repair for windows, doors, furniture, wood floors and much more....

  • Knottec kits are available with a choice of light industrial tec 305 glue gun, the professional tec 820 glue gun, or the battery powered b-tec 807 glue gun.   Each kit comprises the tool two metal heatsink blocks, a silicon release mat, a mouseplane, a gluesaver, a swatch showing the full range of knottec adhesives.  Our Knottec is available is fifteen different colors ensuring the best possible match to the surrounding wood prior to varnish.  Knottec is suitable for both general applications where a fast setting, easy-to-trim and easy-to-sand product is required, and for applications where thougher, hard wearing product is required. e.g. repairing laminate floor. 

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