NWFA Expo Virtual Event April 29 - May 1, 2020

  Educational Opportunities


Fueling Station Sessions

Fuel up with the NWFA for a brighter, more productive 2020. You can make it happen in Milwaukee by joining your colleges and participate in a wide variety of education sessions. This year's educational sessions genuinely have something for everyone. Lectures are designed to help you hone technical skills, grow your business, stay ahead of market trends, ensure best practices are met on job sites, and more.

These sessions will include a mix of traditional speakers lecturing on a topic as well as panel discussions facilitated by an industry expert.

Expo education sessions that take place on Wednesday, April 29, and Thursday, April 30 are included in your registration fee.

Each participant will receive one CCU per session (up to four).

Pre-Expo Symposium - Tuesday, April 28 from 8 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Open to all NWFA members, the Pre-Expo Symposium is an ideal way to learn more about the science of wood flooring and the stills necessary to gain NWFA Master Craftsman status.

NWFA will offer two separate sessions in Milwaukee which includes morning coffee and lunch. The cost is $225 / $275 onsite.

Wood Science - Presentations in this series will focus on hot-topics surrounding the science behind the material we use and evaluate, as well as topics that apply to the wood floor inspection side of the industry. More details here.

Master Craftsman Training - NWFA Regional Instructors will provide the information necessary to become a recognized Master Craftsman. Topics will include designing and building tablesaw sleds, designing and installing intricate parquest patterns, mastering marquetry, developing intricate borders, and creating medallions. More details here.

Each participant will receive ten CCUs.

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