NWFA Expo Virtual Event April 29 - May 1, 2020


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Trivec has an extensive range of pre finishing techniques for wooden flooring elements. Pre finishing comprises one or more treatments like texturing, aging and finishing with oil, wax, varnish or stain. Trivec is not only specialized in turn-key solutions, but also in custom built machines which can be integrated into an excisting production line. This includes infra red pre heaters, polishing units and UV drying technology.


Almost all surfaces in our immediate surroundings are coated and/or mechanically treated. But how, what technique was used, and what is the best and most efficient method? This is what we do, this is our business. What challenge do you have for us?


Façade boards are stained black, a parquet floor with (UV) oil or stain coated, a tabletop brushed for a robust look, a workpiece side accurately sealed, insulation material is provided with a fire-resistant coating layer, a glazing bead, a frame style or a stair step with paint. Just a few examples from our immediate surroundings.


With solutions for the wood, plastics and metal industries, painting companies and schools, machines for the coating of cement-bound products, cardboard, glass, fibre-reinforced materials and fibre-sheet insulation, we deal with issues from various business tasks, worldwide.

Trivec looks forward to working together to solve your questions and achieve your goals.


  • Trivec Cross - QSystem
    World Premiere at the NWFA Expo 2020! Random band saw effect finishing made possible with the new and patented Trivec Cross Cutter....

  • The Trivec Cross Cutter is a machine for creating a bandsaw effect. By playing with the throughput speed, grinding belt speed, brush speed, angle setting of the grinding belt unit/brush unit and the pressure on the workpiece surface, a lot of flexibility is available to achieve the desired effect.

    The grinding belt and brush can be removed quickly and easily for changing purposes.

  • Trivec Roller Coaters
    Roller Coaters...

  • Trivec Roller Coaters are equipped with high precision doctor roller technique which makes it possible to apply a very even layer of UV, UV-LED or oxidative oil, hardwax, stain and (UV) lacquer. With the available setting options, the required number of grams can be set precisely. The reverse unit on the double coater applies products deep into the wood structure ensuring a perfect finish or for creating special effects. For changing roller type or for cleaning purposes, rollers can be removed quickly without the help of tools.