NWFA Expo Virtual Event April 29 - May 1, 2020

Urbania Canada

Burlington,  ON 
  • Booth: 638

Urbania Canada is an Importing Distributor of bespoke engineered hardwood flooring, we source our products in both Europe & Asia. Our goal is provide unique, on trend hand crafted finishes with a focus in the US market on pre-finished engineered Rift & Quartersawn wood flooring. 

Check out our new line; Urbania Linear Chic which consists of 6 unique in stock curated maintenace free lacquer finishes on a full 4 mm dry sawn veneer offered in both a 6"& 5" wide program, both widths are produced on a Baltic Birch platform with a length range of 16"- 86". We are offering the following new stain colors:

  • PUR Oak - a clear grade Rift & Quarter sawn natural 
  • Pale Cream Oak - a clear grade scandinavian style white with the R&Q grain structure evident
  • Burnished Bronze Oak - a character grade dark fumed oak hand wiped with our NuTone Staining process
  • Tailored Taupe Oak - a select grade lightly fumed oak hand wiped with our NuTone Staining process
  • Barn Oak - a character grade medium fumed oak, Nutoned and distressed to achieve a "reclaim" look
  • Tawny Oak - a select grade lightely fumed oak, hand wiped with our NuTone staining process

Brands: Urbania Linear Chic Urbania Sublime


  • Urbania Barn Oak
    A Rift & Quarter Sawn American White Oak with appearance of naturally aged reclaimed barn board...

  • Barn Oak is a Character Grade Rift & Quarter Sawn American White Oak, this product is chamber fumed then hand wiped with a UV fade resistant toning stain. We apply a series of 7 UV cure finishes designed and selected for maximum transparency. A multitude of rich warm brown tones enhance the naturally occuring wood character. 
  • Urbania Tawny Oak
    Tawny Oak is an American Rift & Quarter Sawn light toned Griege Oak...

  • Tawny Oak is an ABC grade American R&Q White that is wire brushed with light chamber fuming crafted to create a mild base tone with distinct but not heavy color variation. We hand wipe the treated surface with a UV resistanct toning stain to soften the color variation and find that perfect shade of a lighter toned Griege. 

    Product Widths = 6"

    Product Length = 16"- 86" with 19 unique lengths to ensure a true random length appearance.

    Product Thickness = ⅝"

    Product Construction = 4 mm dry sawn wear layer over Baltic Birch Plywood core

  • Urbania PUR Oak
    Urbania PUR Oak is a natural high grade Rift & Quartersawn American White Oak...

  • Urbania PUR Oak is produced with our highest grade, the veneers are selected for minimal color variation and finished with a high performance 7 layer system of UV cured coatings. We brighten the base & top coats to give this product the look of an un-finished oak. The gloss is set at 10 and the coating is flat (no wire brusing).

    Product Width = 6"

    Product Length = 16" - 86", with 19 unique length to ensure the look of a true random length

    Product Thickness = ⅝"

    Product Construction = 4 mm Dry Sawn Veneer over a Baltic Birch plywood core.