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World leading wood scanning solutions

Microtec is the most trusted scanning & optimization provider for the sawmilling and wood processing industry.

We are a high-tech company of dedicated people making quality scanners and software products that enable a better use of wood. 

Every day, we enhance the quality and added-value of our customer’s products, by refining, automating, and optimizing their production through our scanners and software systems.

We believe in technology, sustainability, and resource maximization – getting the best out of everything and everyone.

As a global technology partner for the woodworking industry, the Microtec team is constantly developing new approaches and solutions to increase value in sawmills and the woodworking industry.

Microtec has been setting the standards in this market since 1980.


  • Goldeneye 600 Multisensor Quality Scanner
    Rip optimization and panel repair...

  • Repair panel defects & optimize ripping

    Goldeneye 600 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner scans large boards and panels up to 1.8 meters wide. Geometric, visual as well as X-ray Multi-Sensor cameras and sensors determine the real value of lumber, including their internal properties. The scanner detects and localizes all types of knots, as well as cracks, discoloration, pitch pockets, bark, pith, wane, distortion, and other dimensional defects. Goldeneye 600 offers two types of applications, namely for sawmill as well as repairing machinery.

    Rip Optimization for sawmill
    Goldeneye 600 Rip/Edger Optimization Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner can be used for ripping/edging of green or dry lumber. The scanner processes each board property and wood defect on the surface and/or internally by the X-Rays. The optimizer will get the best optimization solution to maximize the final virtual rip&chop solution for customer production by considering all possible combinations from the activated product list. Microtec Rip Optimization allows optimizing ripping according to the highest quality and value of the single board.

    Defect Repair Solution for wood panels
    Microtec Goldeneye 600 provides the best system for grading and repairing panels of different wood species and different levels of finishing. Size and position of each defect can be determined precisely, also providing significant savings on putty consumption. After the boards are scanned, they are transferred to a defect repair station. Each defect is routed and filled according to the most efficient movement path of the patching robot. Different processing units mill, glue and repair the respective defects according to scanner specifications. Microtec defect repair solution allows you to achieve a constant quality on your board surface.

  • Goldeneye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner
    Wood components lumber scanner...

  • Best-value quality scanner

    The Goldeneye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner reliably recognizes wood defects, grades and classifies lumber with precision. It optimizes lumber for chop processing and sorting, according to customer specific product quality requirements

    Goldeneye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner features a modular design with color, laser and X-ray scanning for accurate wood defect determination. Typically, the Goldeneye 300 is interfaced with a chop saw to maximize recovery.

    Goldeneye 300 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner has a long product life and is protected from dust and debris thanks to its smart housing design. It is easy to use and can be easily integrated at any point within the processing plant as a flexible and customized modular system, tailored to your specific needs.

  • Goldeneye 500 Multisensor Quality Scanner
    High speed wood component applications...

  • Microtec’s Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner allows you to recognize wood defects reliably and accurately in order to automate, streamline and optimize your production. The value optimization software considers customer specific grading, chopping and sorting rules to boost both recovery and resale value.

    All parameters and grading rules can be refined together with our engineering teams to get the most out of your production. 

    Goldeneye 500 integrates perfectly into all common cross and chop saws in order to increase yield in wood component production. Goldeneye 500 Multi-Sensor Quality Scanner precisely recognizes and localizes wood defects in wood components such as door and window stock.