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WALKING HORSE PLANK Naturally Crafted Flooring

A new standard in plank flooring. Born and bred in Appalachia; grown long, wide & straight to last for generations. While many things have changed in our industry over the decades, there are some things that shouldn't - like slow milling and inspecting each plank by hand. We know that well-worn floors become a part of you, and your history is etched in the grain. So is ours. Which is exactly why we continue to do what it takes to ensure Walking Horse Plank is a permanent part of your life.

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Spoken Like a Craftsman

 Show Specials

  • 3" &/or 6" Select &/or Euro Character Hickory Show Special All at $2.20 while supplies last!

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    Walking Horse Plank Unfinished Hickory Collection provides customers with a product tailor made for their home, and budget. Along with the strength and stiffness of American hickory, as well as the adaptability of an unfinished product, these solid hardwood floors also offer:

    • Extra-long boards: reaching lengths of up to 10 feet, these elongated boards are a rare find in todays market. Practicing unique, high-yield harvesting techniques during manufacturing, an exceptionally long floor plank is made from a continuous cut through the timbre. This preserves the natural beauty of both the characteristics of the species, and the Appalachian Forest from which it is harvested.
    • Hardest domestic wood: these floors not only far surpass the industry standard for hardness, they set the precedent for hardness of North American hardwood floors.
    • Infinite design possibilities: Because these boards are unfinished, customers are endowed with the creative freedom to apply any finish or colour to their floors after installation. They can be sanded and finished to a perfectly smooth modern surface, or merely installed and stained for a more rustic finish.
    • Plank Dimensions: Thickness: 3/4"; Length: Random Lengths (1' to 10' with an average length of 48")
    • Warranty: Backed by a lifetime structural warranty

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  • Engineered Unfinished White Oak Live Sawn
    Engineered for Craftsmen, Mid TN Lumber's new engineered unfinished plank line is by our Livesawn White Oak....

  • White Oaks' natural beauty is best revealed when our family sawmill mills the entire log into planks, like we used to do it. Cutting planks from the top down through the center until only the sawdust is left demonstrates the tree's true character when we are able to see it from the inside out. This sawing method was past aside many generations ago in favor of higher yields on the dollar, instead of the stump. But we didn't forget and we know you'll be proud walking on White Oaks showing their mature strong character.

    • With light-colored sapwood and light to dark brown heartwood, white oak is mostly straight-grained with a medium to coarse texture. It is a hard and heavy wood with medium bending and crushing strength and a natural durability that makes it resistant to decay.
      • SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED: All of the hardwoods are harvested from local multi generational family farms.
      • CRAFTED IN TN, LIVED ON EVERYWHERE: There is a reason Jack's Whiskey is made in Tennessee and coveted the world over. It takes the finest hardwood to craft good whiskey and great plank floors.
      • LONG LENGTHS: TN Plank doesn't come in pieces like other flooring. It comes in planks. Long ones.
      • OUR FLOORS ARE PERMANENT: Don't live everyday on a replaceable floor. Our floors are solid unfinished hardwood meant to last for generations and continually be transformed to match the style of whichever generation is living on them.