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Founded in 1937, Galleher is a flooring manufacturer and the oldest wholesale flooring distributor in California. The Galleher family of companies includes familiar hardwood brands like Monarch Plank and Reward Hardwood.

Our family of companies offer flooring solutions across a diverse range of segments. Learn more about each companies unqiue service and contact us to learn more about offering your customers the breadth of flooring available through our brands.

Monarch Plank: The leader in premier quality wide plank hardwood flooring, leveraging the most sophisticated modern finishing techniques that enhance, rather than cover over, the natural beauty of European Oak, Walnut and Hickory engineered floors.

Reward Flooring: Where luxury and value meet. Offering classic, timeless hardwood floor designs in a wide variety of beautiful options for your home or business. Committed to excellence, we strive to bring you the highest quality at a fair price.

Royal Custom Plank & Parquet Flooring: For over 30 years we have been creating one of a kind hardwood floor masterpieces here in the USA. Today, through our state-of-that art facility and talented team of craftsmen, we have become the nation’s most sophisticated custom flooring manufacturer.

Brands: Monarch Plank, Reward Hardwood, Royal Custom Plank & Parquet


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  • Mill Creek By Reward Flooring
    The authentic look and feel of a reclaimed wood floor....

  • Textured with genuine bandsaw marks straight from the sawmill, and colored with all-natural aging effects, the Mill Creek Collection offers the authentic look and feel of a reclaimed wood floor. Topped with a durable ultra-matte UV urethane, Mill Creek floors speak of generations past and will last for generations to come. A great option for walls as well!
  • Alpine Riftsawn By Monarch Plank
    Select Grade straight grain Alpine Ash from Tasmania in luxurious, smoked and reactive-stained colors....

  • The wood in Monarch Plank’s Alpine Riftsawn Collection is Riftsawn to yield an elegant, straight-grained appearance that is at once more beautiful and more dimensionally stable than traditional plainsawn wood. This clean, linear look is perfectly suited to today’s modern design aesthetic, and is virtually free of knots. Alpine Ash is a wood from Tasmania that is sometimes also referred to as Tasmanian Oak. In truth, it is neither Ash nor Oak, but rather a species of Eucalyptus. It is the same hardness as European Oak. Alpine Ash is a wood from Tasmania that is sometimes also referred to as Tasmanian Oak. In truth, it is neither Ash nor Oak, but rather a species of Eucalyptus. It is the same hardness as European Oak.
  • Domaine By Monarch Plank
    Subtle, sophisticated colors. Long-length planks. The same thick sanding surface as a solid wood floor....

  • The Domaine collection is named for the forests of France that have been managed for centuries to provide the best quality European Oak. These heavily constructed, consistently long-length floors have the same sanding surface as solid wood floors and will last for generations to come. Featuring a durable German UV Oil finish, the Domaine collection is beauty without compromise, with a range of gorgeous colors created through smoking and advanced "reactive" stain technologies.
  • Meadow By Reward Flooring
    A clean, virtually knot free, modern hardwood floor....

  • With light, neutral colors applied to White Oak that is virtually free of knots, Meadow brings serenity and calm to any space.  Perfect for those looking for a floor that is not as busy as the Rustic Oak products so common today. This exquisite flooring reflects the tranquil vibrancy of the fields of wildflowers that inspired this collection. Despite its refined countenance, Meadow retains a natural look and feel via its lightly wire-brushed texture, silky, ultra-matte urethane finish, and artisanal color nuances created by a proprietary hand-staining techniqu
  • Lago (Plank & Herringbone) By Monarch Plank
    A premier quality collection featuring matching color and thickness wide plank and herringbone configurations....

  • The Lago collection's timeless colors blend well with anything from Mediterranean to ultra-modern design, offering old world elegance at a price that defies its regal look. These floors feature an ultra low-gloss urethane finish that provides the look of an oil finish, with simpler maintenance.

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