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Negative Air Systems is a cost-efficient dust management solution that creates negative air pressure in your workspace to expel fine particulates and promote a clean environment. We distinguish ourselves by taking the extra step to improve your workspace air quality.Please take a look at the "Zephyr" as well as the other panels we have to offer.


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  • Zephyr Dust Extractor
    Negative Air Systems™ is proud to introduce a new and innovative way to remove dust, fumes, and odors from any workspace: “The Zephyr”.

    The Zephyr comes in three (3) models: Zephyr 2800, Zephyr 3200, and Zephyr 3600....

  • One of these units can remove dust, fumes, and odors effectively and efficiently. Each one sets up in only minutes and are fully transportable. Plug it into any 110 power source and you can all but eliminate the mess and time it takes to clean up after any construction project.

    Each Zephyr is equipped with two (2) high volume and fully adjustable fans, capable of moving more than 9,000 cubic feet of air per minute. That is the equivalent of an Olympic-sized swimming pool every 10 minutes!

    Each panel is constructed by hand, using High Density plastic collars, vibration dampening gaskets, non-corrosive brass rivets, stainless steel bolts, a sealed junction box, and an electrical pass-through (allows access to power from inside or outside). All of this comes wrapped in easy-to-clean vinyl. Each finished panel is thoroughly tested before it leaves our warehouse to ensure its quality and effectiveness.

    The Zephyr 3600 Dust Extractor is designed to EASILY fit into a standard 36” x 80” exterior door opening. The Zephyr 3200 Dust Extractor is designed for use in a standard 32” x 80” exterior door opening. The Zephyr 2800 Dust Extractor is designed for a 28” x 80” interior door opening.

    But, when you encounter those 7 foot or 8 foot custom doors, we have you covered. Each Zephyr is fitted with a patented tension system to accept a GSO Baffle specially designed for each panel model.

  • Tempest 28 Garage Panel Dust Extractor
    The Tempest is a garage model ideal for hobbyists and DIYers to use in their woodworking shops or garages when working on old cars....

  • ​Fun fact: The Tempest 28 Garage Panel used in conjunction with the Cyclone 28 fits perfectly in a single car garage door opening.

  • Filtered Panel Shroud
    Keeping your investment, and the environment, clean.

    Install a Filtered Panel Shroud over the High Volume Fan or Fans on any of the Negative Air Systems™ products. Whether you own a Zephyr, Tempest, or Cyclone, the Filtered Shroud is right for you....

  • Simply secure the Filtered Shroud on the “FILTER SIDE” of your panel using the four (4) knurled knobs (included) and insert a 24” Reusable Filter (sold separately) to keep dust and dirt from damaging your Zephyr, Tempest, or Cyclone. For additional filtering ability, you can substitute the 24” Disposable Filter with the 24” Charcoal Filter to reduce odors and fumes from entering the environment or where restrictions or building codes require containment.

    The kit includes: Filtered Door Shroud, four (4) knurled knobs and a BONUS one (1) reusable Filter.

  • GSO Baffle
    To remove dust, fumes, and odors effectively from a space, you must first regulate the passive air.

    Introducing the GSO Baffle!...

  • Constructed using heavy weight duck cloth with reinforced grommets, all seams are double stitched for durability. The kit contains the GSO Baffle, Upper and Lower Stiffener Bars, and two (2) anodized Tension Rods, all in a nifty carrying case. The GSO Baffle is available in three (3) sizes, one to fit each of the Zephyr models (3600, 3200, 2800), as well as the Tempest 2800.
  • Reusable Filter
    Use it, Wash it, Use it again.

    The 24” Reusable Filter fits the Negative Air Systems™ Filtered Shroud and the Negative Air Systems™ Flex Floor Shroud....

  • When used on the “FILTER SIDE” of the panel, it is designed to keep your Zephyr, Tempest, or Cyclone clean and free of dust, dirt, and overspray. In many applications, it is essential in preventing the same dust and overspray from exiting your Zephyr, Tempest, or Cyclone and entering the surrounding environment.

    Constructed of a lightweight aluminum frame and medium fine polymer fabric.