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The Hodges Wood Products Lab is the industry’s premier testing & technical service facility. The facility is outfitted with the latest woodworking tools, small-scale industrial equipment, testing machines and instrumentation for investigating the properties of wood, forest biomaterials and energy products.

NCSU Hodges Tech Service is the flooring industry's expert.

The Hodges Wood Products Lab offers testing services including ASTM testing of solid and engineered wood products, NALFA testing of laminate flooring, kiln drying, and evaluation of environmental effects on wood products.  We also provide assistance in evaluating product failure and production problems such as gluing and machining. The Hodges Wood Products Lab also houses the WMTRP (Wood Machining and Tooling Research Program) as well as the Biomass-Pellet Characterization Center.


Wear Resistance Testing
Modulus of Elasticity + Modulus of Rupture Testing
Light Resistance Testing


  • Laminate Flooring Testing
    The Hodges Wood Products Lab at NC State University is a leading facility for the testing of laminate flooring....

  • We are the only academic member of NALFA, the North American Laminate Flooring Association. Our lab is equipped to run all tests under the NALFA LF-01 standards as well as ISO and ANSI standards. These standards include but are not limited to the following test methods:
    • NALFA LF-01 3.1 Static Load
    • NALFA LF-01 3.2 Thickness Swell
    • NALFA LF-01 3.3 Light Resistance
    • NALFA LF-01 3.4 Cleanability/Stain Resistance
    • NALFA LF-01 3.5 Large Ball Impact Resistance
    • NALFA LF-01 3.6 Small Ball Impact Resistance
    • NALFA LF-01 3.7 Wear Resistance
    • NALFA LF-01 3.8 Dimensional Tolerances
    • NALFA LF-01 3.9 Castor Chair Resistance
    • NALFA LF-01 3.10 Surface Bonding
    • NALFA LF-01 3.11 Formaldehyde CARB & TSCA Title VI
    • NALFA LF-01 3.11 Flatness (Max % width, Max % length)
    • NALFA LF-01 3.12 Openings (OAvg /OMax mm)
    • NALFA LF-01 3.13 Ledging (hAvg < mm, hMax < mm)
    • ISO 24334, Laminate floor coverings — Determination of locking strength for mechanically assembled panels
    • ISO 24335, Laminate floor coverings — Determination of impact resistance
    • ISO 24336 Laminate floor coverings - Determination of thickness swelling after partial immersion in water
    • ISO 24337, Laminate floor coverings — Determination of geometrical characteristics
    • ISO 24338, Laminate floor coverings — Determination of abrasion resistance
    • ISO 24339, Laminate and textile floor coverings — Determination of dimensional variations after exposure to humid and dry climate conditions
    • ANSI LF-01, Laminate flooring — Specifications and test methods
  • Resilient Flooring Testing
    The Hodges Wood Products Lab is equipped with the means to test various properties of resilient flooring...

  • Our lab is equipped to follow a number of ASTM and ISO standard testing methods.These test methods can include the following:

    • ASTM E303, Standard Test Method for Measuring Surface Frictional Properties Using the British Pendulum Tester
    • ASTM F373 Standard Test Method for Embossed Depth of Resilient Floor Coverings
    • ASTM F386 Standard Test Method for Thickness of Resilient Flooring Materials Having Flat Surfaces
    • ASTM F510 / F510M - 14 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Abrasion of Resilient Floor Coverings Using an Abrader with a Grit Feed Method
    • ASTM F925 - 13 Standard Test Method for Resistance to Chemicals of Resilient Flooring
    • ASTM F1265 - 03a (2020) Standard Test Method for Resistance to Impact for Resilient Floor Tile
    • ASTM F1515 - 15 Standard Test Method for Measuring Light Stability of Resilient Flooring by Color Change
    • ASTM F2055 - 17 Standard Test Method for Size and Squareness of Resilient Floor Tile by Dial Gage Method
    • ASTM F2199 - 18 Standard Test Method for Determining Dimensional Stability and Curling Properties of Resilient Flooring after Exposure to Heat
    • ASTM F2421 - 19a Standard Test Method for Measurement of Resilient Floor Plank by Dial Gauge
    • ISO 4918, Resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings — Castor chair test1
    • ISO 23999, Resilient floor coverings — Determination of dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat
    • ISO 24342, Resilient and textile floor-coverings — Determination of side length, edge straightness and squareness of tiles
    • ISO 24346, Resilient floor coverings — Determination of overall thickness
  • Hardwood & Engineered Flooring Testing
    We provide expert testing services for the evaluation of solid wood flooring for the wood flooring industry – manufacturers, inspectors, end users....

  • Services include mechanical properties testing according to ASTM methods, adhesive bond testing per ASTM and ANSI/HPVA, evaluation of construction design on warp and checking, and dimensional measurements.

    • ASTM D1037-12 Standard Test Methods for Evaluating Properties of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials
    • ASTM D1308-02(2013) Standard Test Method for Effect of Household Chemicals on Clear and Pigmented Organic Finishes
    • ASTM D1455 Standard Test Method for 60° Specular Gloss of Emulsion Floor Polish Gloss
    • ASTM D2197-16 Standard Test Method for Adhesion of Organic Coatings by Scrape Adhesion
    • ASTM D2394 Standard Test Method for Simulated Service Testing of Wood and Wood-Based Finish Flooring
    • ASTM D3363-05(2011)e2 Standard Test Method for Film Hardness by Pencil Test
    • ASTM D4060 Standard Test Method for Abrasion Resistance of Organic Coatings by Taber Abraser
    • ASTM D4442 - 16 Standard Test Methods for Direct Moisture Content Measurement of Wood and Wood-Based Materials
    • ASTM D4828-94(2016) Standard Test Methods for Practical Washability of Organic Coatings
    • ASTM D7332/D7332M-16 Standard Test Method for Measuring the Fastener Pull-Through Resistance of a Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Matrix Composite
    • ANSI/HPVA EF 2012
      • 4.2 Bond Line Test
      • 4.3 Determination of Moisture Content
  • Kiln Drying
    Conventional and high-temperature drying of lumber can be performed in either a 1000-board-foot masonry kiln or a 1500-board-foot aluminum kiln....

    • The 1000-board-foot Masonry kiln was refitted in 2011 with new steam heat exchange loops and new variable frequency drive fan deck by SPI dry kilns.  The kiln can accommodate up to 12′ lumber for conventional or high-temperature drying.
    • We have also dried and conditioned materials for pelletization and enhanced CO2 tree biomass (twig and needle) research projects.
  • ASTM Mech Properties Testing- Wood&Wood Composites
    The lab is equipped with 3 electromechanical test frames (MTS Alliance 60kLbf, MTS Insight 8kLbf and Tinius Olsen 30kLbf) with computer control and data acquisition, and a Metriguard tensile tester for full size dimension lumber....

  • Some of the typical tests include:

    • ASTM D143 – Small Clear Specimens of Timber
    • Static Bending
    • Compression parallel
    • Toughness
    • Compression perpendicular
    • Hardness
    • Shear parallel
    • Tension parallel
    • Tension perpendicular
    • Nail withdrawal
    • Moisture content & specific gravity
    • ASTM D1037 – Properties of Wood-based Fiber and Particle Panel Materials
    • Static bending
    • Internal bond
    • Hardness
    • Nail & Screw withdrawal
    • Tension parallel
    • ASTM D1761 – Mechanical Fasteners in Wood
    • ASTM D198 – Static Tests of Lumber in Structural Sizes – flexure
    • ASTM D3043 – Structural Panels in Flexure
    • ASTM D3500 – Structural Panels in Tension
    • ASTM D6551 – Surface Bond Strength of Wood-Base Fiber and Particle Panel Materials