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Oneida Air Systems is an innovator and American manufacturer of industry-leading cyclonic dust collection systems. We fully guarantee our airflow performance and filtration specifications to provide our customers with a safe, practical, and healthy work environment.

Attention Contractors!

Dust is the enemy of every floor sander; it's messy, unsafe, and if not properly cleaned it can leave a sour taste in your customer's mouths - potentially ruining your hard-earned reputation.

If you've been eager to try dust-free sanding, but have been wary of the costs and results, look no further! Our patented Oneida Vortex® DCS (Dust Containment System) is the world's cleanest and most affordable portable floor sanding dust containment system on the market today - over 15x cleaner than traditional cloth bag sanding systems! See the Vortex DCS in action in Booth 831! 

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Brands: Dust Deputy®, Oneida Vortex® DCS, Dust Cobra®, Supercell™


Vortex DCS
100 Feet of Supercell Suction Power
Modern Living Demos the World's Cleanest Floor Sanding System

 Press Releases

  • Media Contact: Michelle Kelley
    Advertising & PR Manager, Oneida Air Systems
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    SYRACUSE, NY (February 27, 2020) – Oneida Air Systems, the industry leader in dust collection, will feature its new mobile Supercell high pressure dust collector, Oneida Vortex® DCS dust containment system and other portable wet/dry vacuum accessories at the NWFA Expo, booth 831, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, April 28-30.

    Supercell Mobile Dust Collector

    Previously only available as a wall mounted unit, the Supercell is the first and only system on the market with high enough levels of static pressure and CFM to accommodate the widest range of woodworking tools, from handheld sanders, table saws, and miter saws to jointers, planers, and even CNC routers—essentially every tool in the shop with a dust port size of 1" to 5". The patent-pending Supercell is a cyclonic dust collector with a 97.8 static pressure rating—over 10 times higher suction power than standard dust collectors. Powered by three fan motors working in sync, the Supercell’s high suction creates an intense vacuum that moves the dust-laden air at a relentless pace, overcoming resistance through up to 100 feet of 4" diameter hose and ductwork! Its onboard HEPA certified filter easily pulses clean without the need for disassembly, maximizing run time and performance while minimizing the operator’s exposure to dust. At 28.5" wide, 30" deep, and 61" tall, with 10" diameter rear wheels and 3" diameter side locking front casters, the compact, portable design of the Supercell Mobile allows it to travel virtually anywhere. Made in the USA, the Supercell Mobile is sold with a steel, powder coated mobility cart, 14-gallon mobile drop-down dust bin with fill level indicator, wireless remote, HEPA filter, blast gate, bag retainer system, five liner bags, and 25’ of 4" diameter vacuum pressure rated hose.

    Oneida Vortex DCS

    The patented Oneida Vortex DCS is a portable floor sanding dust containment system that virtually eliminates airborne dust during sanding, leaving the air 15 times cleaner than traditional cloth bag systems. It easily installs onto every major make/model floor sander and saves prep time before (no more plastic sheeting) and clean-up time after every project. Vortex sander cyclone improves suction at the sander, allowing for up to 100 feet of 2" dia. hose. Compact, portable, and lightweight design removes the need for large, expensive trailers. It includes a sander cyclone attachment, full-unit HEPA vacuum (110V), industrial hose, and more.

    CDD-14 Cyclonic Pre-Separator

    Compatible with any wet/dry vacuum, the Oneida Air Systems' Dust Deputy® product family separates up 99% of wood dust and over 90% of concrete/silica from the incoming airstream, virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss. The CDD-14 Pre-Separator is a steel Dust Deputy cyclone mounted to a 14-gallon wheeled drum with lid, viewing window, and unique bag retainer system. Lightweight and portable, it’s sold with 5 plastic liner bags; 5 feet of static conductive, crush resistant hose; elbow adapters; and assembly hardware kit.

    Universal Dust-Free Router Hood®

    The Universal Dust-Free Router Hood connects to your wet/dry vacuum and turns a traditionally messy job into one that requires virtually no post-project clean-up. It’s the only dust control solution that works with most portable fixed-base or plunge routers, regardless of make/model. In addition, it facilitates fine detail work by keeping the routing path clear of debris while containing waste safely within your wet/dry vacuum. Molded from a clear, durable, and lightweight polycarbonate—the same material used to make bullet proof glass—it fully encapsulates the router bit, rotating with the tool, and allowing for an unprecedented 360 degrees of dust collection. A cost-effective investment that pays for itself by reducing wear and tear on router bits, the Universal Dust-Free Router Hood contributes to a safer and cleaner workshop environment.

    Viper Vacuum Scraper®

    Ideal for most scraping projects including paint, wood, glue, wax, stucco, and flooring, the Viper Vacuum Scraper is a lightweight hand scraping tool that conveniently attaches to the hose of any make or model wet/dry vacuum, allowing the user to collect waste right at the source. When the vacuum is in operation, its suction captures debris from the Viper Vacuum Scraper’s blade, carrying it through the hollowed-out handle and onward into the vacuum’s canister, significantly reducing downtime for cleanup while keeping the work environment safe and clean. Can even be used for lead abatement/removal and lead RRP when connected to a HEPA-certified vacuum. Injection molded from a fiberglass-reinforced nylon with an easy-to grip textured finish, the Viper Vacuum Scraper features a reversible tungsten carbide blade for long lasting durability.

    About Oneida Air Systems

    Headquartered in Syracuse, New York, Oneida Air Systems is the leading manufacturer of award-winning made in USA dust collection systems and components. For more information, visit or call (800) 732-4065.


  • Oneida Vortex Dust Containment System
    Portable dust containment system retrofits to nearly any make/model floor sander. Eliminates the need for plastic sheeting, messy dust bags, and large trailer systems. Certified Full-Unit HEPA vacuum meets EPA RRP requirements....

  • The World's Cleanest Floor Sanding Dust Containment System

    Tests 100x Cleaner Than Traditional Cloth Bag Systems!

    The Oneida Vortex® DCS is the pinnacle of portable dust containment technology. It easily installs onto nearly any make/model floor sander, converting it into a truly dust-free machine! The unique design of the Vortex eliminates the need for plastic sheeting and vacuuming after the sanding is done, saving you valuable time and money!

    By becoming a dust free contractor, you'll secure the fast growing customer demand for floor sanders, and you can even charge a premium for your services. If you're not dust-free, your competition certainly will be!

    Benefits & Features:

    • Retrofits to nearly any make/model floor sander (Bona, Clarke, Lagler, and more!)
    • HEPA vacuum meets all EPA RRP guidelines - even lead
    • Cyclone pre-separator virtually eliminates filter clogging and suction loss
    • Compact, portable, and lightweight design removes the need for large, expensive trailers


    • 110V Industrial HEPA vacuum (Dust Cobra)
    • Sander cyclone and retrofit handle
    • Steel drum with dolly
    • Rapid Pulse Filter Cleaner
    • Dust Sentry™ bin level sensor
    • (5) Liner bags
    • 50 feet of 2" dia. hose
    • Full-unit HEPA Certificate of Compliance
  • Supercell™ High-Pressure Dust Collector
    The world's first universal dust collector generates 10x higher suction than standard collectors, allowing it to effectively capture dust and debris from any 1" to 5" dia. port through up to 100 feet of 4" hose and ductwork!...

  • The World's First Universal Dust Collection System

    Introducing the latest from Oneida Air Systems - The Supercell™. Named after one of the world's most powerful cyclonic storm systems, the new Supercell is the first and only dust collector on the market with high enough levels of both static pressure (WC) and air movement (CFM) to accommodate the widest range of woodworking tools, from handheld sanders, table saws, and miter saws to jointers, planers, and even CNC routers. The Supercell is especially useful for problematic 2" diameter ports where standard collectors don't provide adequate suction and wet/dry vacuums don't move enough air to effectively collect dust and debris. Packed with innovative features, the Supercell is the perfect dust collection system for shops of all sizes!

    • 10x higher suction power than standard dust collectors
    • Excels at collecting dust from all tools with 1" to 5" dia. ports
    • Allows simultaneous operation of up to three 1" to 2.5" tools
    • Maintains performance at up to 100 ft of 4" hose or ductwork*
    • HEPA filter with pulse cleaner maximizes suction and minimizes downtime
    • Allows use of liner bags for easy, mess-free waste disposal
    • Compact design fits into any shop or job site. 
  • Static Dissipative 14 Gal. Dust Deputy Deluxe Cycl
    Upgrade any make and model wet/dry vacuum into a high-capacity, two-stage dust control system with our patented cyclone separator....

  • Prevents Fine Dust from Clogging Your Vacuum's Filter!

    Now 20% more efficient with Neutral Vane Technology, the Static Dissipative Dust Deputy cyclone removes over 99% of dust and debris from the airstream, containing it in a mobile 14-gallon dust bin before it reaches the vacuum—virtually eliminating filter clogging and suction loss, and dramatically extending filter life. Its unique bag retainer system allows the use of plastic liner bags, which can be tied off when filled for easy, mess-free waste disposal. The cyclone and dust bin are made of industrial-grade, static-conductive resin, making the Static Dissipative Dust Deputy Deluxe Cyclone Separator Kit an ideal solution for wide-ranging applications, including those for which static buildup is a concern. The kit’s molded dust bin is easily portable on five non-marking, free rotating, locking caster wheels and is topped with a metal lid that seals airtight when in operation.

    Included Benefits & Features

    • Static Dissipative Cyclone Pre-Separator – Injection molded static conductive resin Dust Deputy cyclone pre-separator.
    • High Efficiency – Cyclonic force removes over 99% of fine dusts and bulk debris from the airstream, stopping it from ever reaching the vacuum filter!
    • Universal Design – Simple and efficient design can be adapted for use with any make, size, or model wet/dry vacuum.
    • EZ-Clean Dust Bin – Molded 14-gallon drum lined with a gasket so the metal lid seals airtight when in operation and is easily lifted off when the bin is full; drum includes viewing window.
    • Liner Bag Retainer System – Allows the use of plastic liner bags, which can be tied off when filled for easy, mess-free waste disposal; 5 free bags included with kit.
    • Mobility Kit – Equipped with 5 non-marking, free-rotating, locking caster wheels.
    • Vacuum Hose & Accessories – Everything you need to connect the cyclone to your dust extractor's inlet, including: 5' of static conductive, crush resistant hose; 2" to 2.5" hose adapter; 2.5" hose couplers; adjustable hose clamps; and elbows.
  • CC500 Cyclone Dust Extractor with Longopac
    Portable, high pressure dust control system ideal for concrete grinding, drilling, cutting, and cleanup....

  • Job Proven Reliability & Performance for Concrete Grinding and Cutting

    Oneida Air Systems is proud to introduce our new CC500 Dust Extractor product line; Winner of the Most Innovative Product Award at the 2019 World of Concrete tradeshow. Designed to minimize silica dust exposure for an OSHA compliant work environment, the patent-pending CC500 is a portable cyclonic dust extractor with HEPA filtration, adjustable height mobility stand, and Longopac Mini bagging system compatibility.

    The unit's unique cyclone shape separates 95% of dust and debris from the airstream, containing it in the dust bag and preventing it from clogging the filter. The CC550's unbeatable cyclonic force provides continuous suction power and longer run times than leading competitors.

    • OSHA compliant to new silica dust safety standards with up to 465 CFM for grinders, drills, and saws.
    • Multi-stage separation delivers continuously high suction power and longer run times.
    • Premium HEPA filter with automatic filter clog sensor and internal pulse cleaner.
    • Innovative bagging system eliminates dust exposure when changing Longopac Mini bags.
    • Heavy-gauge, seam welded steel construction provides long lasting durability through the toughest jobs.
    • Compact, mobile design with non-marking, locking casters and large, solid rubber wheels.
    • Foot pedal on stand compresses the total unit height down to 51", ideal for transport in standard commercial vans.
    • Includes industrial floor wand and 25 feet of 2" vacuum hose for post project cleanup.
  • CDD-L Cyclonic Pre-Separator with Longopac
    Features our patented steel Dust Deputy® cyclone separator - up to 99% efficient with wood dust and over 90% with concrete/silica dust....

  • Prevents Fine Dust from Clogging Your Vacuum's Filter!

    The only thing more aggravating and time consuming than removing fine dusts like concrete, is unclogging the filter you cleaned it with. The dust gets everywhere and sticks to everything (including your lungs!). The CDD Pre-Separator protects your vacuum filter from even the toughest debris, including: concrete, silica, metal fragments, soda blasting, and more!

    With the CDD Pre-Separator connected to your dust extractor, you'll save significant time and money on replacement parts and downtime for maintenance as you virtually eliminate filter clogging and suction loss! Our patented cyclone also helps contractors and construction crews become compliant to the new OSHA Silica Dust Safety Standard, especially when used with tools such as handheld grinders that specifically requires a cyclone separator.

    Included Benefits & Features

    • Steel Cyclone Pre-Separator – Constructed from fully seam welded, heavy gauge steel; finished with a rust preventative powder-coat.
    • High Efficiency – Cyclonic force removes over 90% of fine dust and bulk debris from the airstream, stopping it from ever reaching the vacuum filter! Efficiency rating is over 99% when used with larger materials such as wood dust, gravel, etc.
    • Adaptable Design – The CDD-L is made for use with our any type of dust extractor to add additional waste capacity and extend the filter life and time between cleanings.
    • Longopac Bagging System – Custom dust bag sizes - simply cut and tie off when the desired fill level is reached - eliminates dust exposure when emptying.
    • Mobility Cart – Tubular steel construction with large rubber wheels and free-rotating, non-marking caster wheels
    • Vacuum Hose & Accessories – Everything you need to connect the cyclone to your dust extractor's inlet, including: 5' of static conductive, crush resistant hose, 2" to 2.5" hose adapter, 2.5" hose couplers, adjustable hose clamps, and elbows.