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Over forty years of experience has placed us in a unique position to offer industry specialist knowledge on all aspects of commercial gluing using thermoplastic adhesives.

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The latest innovation from Power Adhesives is the new B tec 808-12 lithium ion based glue gun and the range of Badaptor battery adapters.  This allows the glue gun to be used with Milwaukee, Makita, DeWalt or Bosch 18+ volt batteries.  The B Tec 808-12 cna be used with the Knottec or Tackfix glue sticks!

Our unique Knottec knot-filling adhesive has been especially formulated for the fast and effective repair of not only knot defects, but also deep scratches and other forms of deep wood damage. Because of its tough characteristics knottec is perfect for repairing wooden doors, window frames, furniture, floors, and much much more.

Available in sixteen different colors, knottec may be used to blend with the surrounding wood, filling voids and disguising repaired areas.

The Tackfix range of hot melt construction adhesives offers two formulas:  Tackfix 48 acrylic based adhesive offers 48 second open time with excellent adhesion and unmatched toughness, full cure in 5 minutes.  The Tackfix 180 adhesive offers 180 seconds of open time with excellent adhesion and the extra time needed for larger assemblies.  Perfect for starter rows or stair threads.

Brands: Knottec Wood Repair System TackFix 48 & Tackfix 180 Hot Melt Construction Adhesives B-Tec 808-12 Cordless Glue Gun Badaptors and much more.


B TEC 808-12 Cordless Glue Gun

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    Our unique Knottec knot-filling adhesive has been especially formulated for the fast and effective repair of not only knot defects, but also deep scratches and other forms of deep wood damage in the Wood Flooring Industry....

  • Knottec is perfect for repairing wooden doors, window frames, furniture, floors, and much more.  Knottec is suitable for both general applications, where a fast setting, easy-to-trim and easy-to-sand product is required, and for applications where a tougher, hardwearing product is required like repairing laminate flooring. 

    Our Knottec Product is now available in sixteen different colours, ensuring the best possible match to the surrounding wood prior to applying varnish. Each of the Knottec colors available are packaged in either a 5-stick single color pack, as carton packs (comprising 10 x 10 stick packs), or as bulk packs (comprising 2 x 2.5kg  (5½lbs) packs). Each glue stick is 12mm (½″) in diameter and 250mm (10″) long. 

    We also offer Knottec kits, which comes complete with a 12 stick sample pack containing two sticks each of Beech, Cola, Larch, Mahogany, Oak and Pine as well as your choice of a light industrial Tec 305 tool, the professional Tec 820 tool or our new B-Tec 808-12 cordless glue gun which offers unmatched glue output, durability,  temperature control and portability. The kit also includes two metal heatsink blocks, a silicone release mat, a Mouseplane, a Gluesaver, and a swatch showing the full range of knottec® colors. In addition, all of these items are supplied in a handy plastic carrying case.


    Already have an industrial glue gun?  The Knottec wood repair Starter kit has been tailored for those who already have a professional ½” glue gun. The special NWFA kit consists of 5 x 5 stick packs of ½” diameter knottec® wood repair sticks (Colors: Black, Oak, Cola, Walnut & Amber) two metal heatsink blocks, a silicone release mat, a Mouseplane®, a Gluesaver 2, a swatch showing the full range of knottec® colors and a USB stick with the knottec® video attached.

    Tackfix 48 and Tackfix 180 adhesives are a fast alternative to nailing down carpet tack strips, laying tiles, hardwood flooring starter or finish rows, trim pieces, stair threads, etc. Bonds well to Metals, Ceramic, Stone, Wood, brick or concrete.


  • Tackfix construction adhesives are fast and strong, and formulated to run well in any 12mm (1/2″) hot melt glue gun. These adhesives will bond to a wide variety of substrates such as Metal, Concrete, Plastic, Brick, Fiber Cement Board, Wood, Ceramic and Stone Tiles.
    Tackfix construction adhesives come in 2 formulations Tackfix 48 & Tackfix 180.
    Tackfix 48 is an Acrylic based hot melt adhesive that is clear in color, has high viscosity and has a 40-50 second open time. It is ideal for instantly bonding tack strip to concrete and ceramic floors. This adhesive provides the strongest possible bond.
    Tackfix 180 is a Polyolefin based adhesive that is light brown in color, has low viscosity and offers up to 180 second open time. Tackfix 180 provides excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates including wood and concrete. It is ideal for applications where more time is needed to apply adhesive, or where the flooring might need to be adjusted before the final bond is reached. After this adhesive sets, it provides a tough, highly flexible bond.
    Some benefits of the Tackfix Adhesive formulations are that they are non-toxic, have an unlimited shelf life, aren't messy to apply and don't need to dry out over a long period of time.
    Tackfix adhesives are fast working and can be easily applied by using a Tec glue applicator. Any extra glue left in the gun can also be used next time it is switched on, which cuts down on wasted product. Other adhesive solutions used in the flooring industry tend to set much slower and tend to dry out after using, creating waste.
    Tackfix is very cost effective solution. It is less expensive and easier to use than epoxy's, which set to a hard finish and don't allow for thermal expansion of the flooring. Compared to staples and nails, which can damage the appearance of the flooring as well as under floor pipes and cables, the Tackfix adhesives are applied to the underside of the flooring material, so it doesn't affect the appearance in anyway.  Tackfix 48 and Tackfix 180 are sold in convenient 20 stick resealable packs.
    The New B-Tec 808-12 cordless glue applicator offers unmatched glue output, durability, temperature control and portability for use in the Flooring industry....

  • The B-Tec 808 Portable Glue applicator melts the adhesive on demand: as much as needed, when it’s needed, with no downtime waiting for the glue to melt.
    The applicator has a 3 minute warm up time and provides portability, eliminating a need for a required power outlet.

    The B-Tec 808-12 features a dual temperature setting with ECO Mode & Performance mode. This feature allows users the opportunity to extend battery run time and to modify the performance of the types of glue sticks being used.
    The ECO mode setting is designed to significantly extend run time of the battery being used while the gun is sitting idle, but still turned on. The ECO mode setting provides 1 hr of runtime per each amp hr of the battery. The ECO mode increases the viscosity of the adhesive which speeds up the setting time and is a better fit for gap-filling properties.
    In the Performance mode setting, the gun runs at 380 deg F and maximizes the bond strength, reduces the viscosity and increases working time with the substrates. The adhesive output in the performance setting is approximately 4.5lbs/hr.

    See the video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvKEGW3R7j0

    The B-Tec 808-12 is compatible with the Ryobi One+ lithium ion powered 18V battery, but becomes compatible with the most popular branded 18+V batteries available (DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Bosch) when used with our recently released Badaptors.  www.badaptor.com

    Badaptor is a battery adaptor that allows you to use your DeWalt®, Makita®, Milwaukee®, or Bosch® lithium ion powered batteries with all Ryobi ONE+ 18V battery operated tools....

  • Badaptor is designed to allow the use of Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch or Makita 18+ volt lithium ion batteries with any Ryobi ONE+ battery tools.  Badaptor is the cost-effective way to get the most from your existing batteries and chargers while utilizing one of the largest battery powered tool platforms in the world.  Ryobi offers more than 120+ cordless tools in the ONE+ family.  Its very quick and easy to attach.  Simply attache the adaptor into place on the Ryobi tool and slide the battery into place.  Each Badaptor is specific to the brand of batteries it fits.