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RFMS is the only flooring software system created from the ground up by a profitable flooring dealer and currently has 3,000 dealers operating in 7,000 locations. Products include integrated Accounting, ECommerce, Takeoff Estimating, Project Bidding, Builder Product Management, Inventory, Order Processing, Purchase Orders, Scheduling, Project Management/Prospect Management and more. RFMS Software products are used by Builder, Commercial, Multi-Family and Retail businesses.

Welcome to RFMS - Business Management Software Systems!

Newest to our products are:

  1. Notifications - Order, Schedule Pro, and BidPro-related notifications like approaching dates, line status changes and order creation can be sent by email, text, pop-up message or Interoffice Mail in RFMS.
  2. Application Programming Interface (API) - Easily integrates with RFMS and adds more feature to applications including website integration, CRM, order collection and projet management.
  3. Business Ingsights - Delivers visual key performance metrics with unique benchmarking capability providing true data discovery for owners and managers.
  4. Client Relationship Module (CRM) - With an anticipated release date for this spring, the mobile CRM App is designed to deliver unparalleled management of the sales proess by giving the flooring salesperson visibility to every stage of sales opportunities. It seamlessly integates with RFMS Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile, and also proides an industry first customer portal, consisting of two-way communication with cusotmers regarding their project's status including take-offs, quotes, orders and other information.

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RFMS Mobile Apps
Measure by RFMS with 3D
Customer Relationship Management App Demo

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  • Current RFMS customers can receive 30% off new software purchases including RFMS core users, add-ons, Measure and Mobile licenses.


    12 months of no interest financing with no payments until August 2020. The required training must be purchased and paid for upfront where this applies.

  • Sign up for a new RFMS core suite system with no monthly subscription fees until April 2021. Core Suite includes Order Entry/Quotes, Products, Inventory, Accounting, Human Resources, Sales Reports, CMM Commercial, Bid Pro, Schedule Pro, Contract Pricing, Store Specific Pricing, Direct Deposit. Must purchase training.

 Press Releases

  • RFMS is prepared to help your employees work-at-home with ease. In this time of increased teleworking, RFMS has the tools, services, training, support and partners you need to easily change the way you work during this challenging time.

    RFMS offers several apps and modules to facilitate working remotely. RFMS Mobile is the mobile version of our popular desktop software and allows for most front office functions to be performed on a tablet, smartphone or laptop from anywhere with an internet connection. Creating customer orders or quotes, checking stock both in your warehouse and at the mill, reviewing the installation schedule and more are all possible in RFMS Mobile. Clients have called this app a true “game-changer” to allow their staff to work remotely. RFMS Mobile is bundled with Measure Mobile so if your company already uses Measure Mobile, you also have access to RFMS Mobile! https://www.rfms.com/features/rfms-mobile/ and https://www.measureflooring.com/en/edition-pricing.

    The Direct Deposit module allows you to pay vendors, employees, and subcontractors electronically. They get their money faster and you avoid the risk of going into the office to print and dispense checks. Direct Deposit is NACHA compliant and uses your existing bank account. Save time, save money, and stay healthy with Direct Deposit! https://www.rfms.com/features/direct-deposit/

    Extensive volatility in the market makes trying to achieve clarity regarding how to manage business decisions is difficult at best. Until now the lack of available industry data has made this task impossible. The RFMS Business Insights tool has changed the landscape. This business intelligence tool is the industry standard that provides you with key performance metrics not only for your business, but also provides benchmarking metrics for other dealers like you. https://www.rfms.com/services/business-insights/

    We are also here with virtual services to give you peace of mind during this trying time. Our Virtual Accounting Services manage your bank reconciliations and perform your monthly journal closes. Perhaps you have had to layoff key staff or you need more time to manage your business, let our team of experienced Virtual Accounting Specialists help! This cost-effective service is timely, reliable and affordable. https://www.rfms.com/services/virtual-accounting-services/

    RFMS has a team of 15 trainers ready to help you transform your business with RFMS. Now is the time to invest in taking your RFMS knowledge to the next level. E-learning can be booked online at www.rfms.com/training/e-learning/ for any of our trainers on a variety of topics including Measure, Measure Mobile, Order Entry, Inventory, Accounting, Month End Preparation and more. We can also conduct an evaluation of your business in a series of online meetings to identify areas of process improvement and profit erosion. Our training team will also be launching a series of FREE Live Webinars in the coming weeks. Whether it’s brand new to you or you need a refresher, we’re here to educate you and your staff on the best business practices and most popular and time-saving features of RFMS, Measure, Measure Mobile and more. https://www.rfms.com/training/live-webinars/ RFMS also offers FREE on-demand, prerecorded Webinars direct under the Training tab on www.RFMS.com! This is the perfect time for your staff to learn best practices in their areas of responsibility through these resources.

    RFMS Software Support Analysts not only specialize in RFMS, Measure, and our Mobile platforms, they understand the industry and the unique circumstances our clients are facing during this pandemic. Analysts care about our clients and will work as a team to resolve issues and provide guidance. The Software Support team has nine RFMS and Measure/Mobile analysts available from 7:00 AM–7:00 PM CDT. The average call back wait time is less than 30 minutes! RFMS Support can be reached several ways:
       ■ E-mail
          Core: help@rfms.com
          Measure/Mobile: measuresupport@rfms.com
       ■ Phone
          Core: 888-215-8665
          Measure/Mobile: 205-582-0403
       ■ Chat

    RFMS has partnered with Isogent (www.isogent.com) to offer a full array of cloud-based computing options. It’s no wonder why several hundred of our clients have made the move to the cloud given its affordability and reliability. Isogent features multiple data centers in multiple states to insure a 99.9% up time — exactly what your business needs. Perhaps now is the time to consider moving your server to the cloud and working in a truly remote environment. Isogent is a full-service Microsoft certified partner and can assist your company with working remotely immediately.

    ■ What else is RFMS doing during this time?
    In addition to caring for our clients’ immediate needs, we are moving full steam ahead in our development efforts. As we move through this difficult period, RFMS Development is committed to continuing to innovate and bring more efficiency to your business processes. A few new products we are working on include a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) app, Warehouse Mobile app, Property Manager web portal, along with continued enhancement of our current products and some additional exciting development efforts we look forward to releasing soon! https://www.rfms.com/company/our-mission/

    At RFMS, we have been here for you for 35 years, let us be here for you now.


  • RFMS Core Suite
    Our integrated business management suite offers an unbeatable combination of powerful features, flexible options, and precision controls that can help any flooring business increase their productivity and efficiency....

  • RFMS Core includes:

    • Product File
    • Order Entry/Quotes
    • Inventory
    • Accounting
    • Human Resources
    • Sales Reports

    Free Add-On's available:

    • Bid Pro
    • Schedule Pro
    • Client Management
    • Direct Deposit
    • Contract Pricing
    • Inventory Move
    • Store Specific Pricing

    *Training purchase required when necessary for free add-ons.

    Other Add-ons available:

    • Enterprise Manager
    • Property Connect
    • Batch Inventory Allocation
    • NHMS
    • OPS Tech Integration

    Check out more information at our website www.rfms.com

  • Measure Desktop Licenses
    Measure is industry-leading flooring estimation software that follows the workflow of the estimating process to increase accuracy, efficiency, and profitability. Measure can estimate carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood flooring for projects of all sizes....

  • Create precise estimates in only 5 easy steps...

    1. Import the blueprint image and create rooms
    2. Search for and apply materials to each room
    3. Add project details such as transitions or add-on materials and services
    4. View and edit the roll plan as needed
    5. View the worksheet results (export to RFMS or print reports)

    Features Include:

    • Integration with Leica Disto's
    • Draw rooms of any shape, including holes, arcs, ellipses, s-curves
    • Save projects online to access them from other devices or workstations
    • Shows 2D and 3D walls
    • Shared product database
    • Draw rooms with keyboard or use predefined room shapes
    • Use and edit tile patterns

  • Measure Mobile
    Our Measure Mobile app allows your estimating and sales teams to quickly and accurately measure, estimate, and quote jobs, communicated better between each other, and close the sale all from their mobile phone or tablet....

  • Fulfills the Needs of the Salespersons and Estimators Roles


    • Collaboration on projects in a shared project library
    • Easily create and organize multiple options per project to share with the customer
    • Integrate with RFMS for real-time access to products and services
    • Customizable checklist ensures that important addons are never forgotten
    • Apply a margin, select a price level or enter a Fixed Grand Total to dial in your selling amount
    • Export to RFMS Mobile to create quotes and orders in real-time
    • Wow your customers by providing an accurate, professional quote in record time


    • Demonstrate professionalism to your customers by using a mobile device to measure and estimate
    • Works with your Leica Disto Measuring device for accurate room drawings
    • Document critical job-site information with notetaking and photo attachment feature
    • Fully adjustable roll plan is great for both new and experienced estimators
    • Work offline when a data connection is not available

    Estimate from Anywhere in 5 Easy Steps

    1. Draw rooms using a Leica Disto Measuring Device or the TouchDraw Feature
    2. Search for and apply flooring product from RFMS
    3. Review the Checklist to include any necessary addon products and services
    4. Confirm and adjust the pricing on the Worksheet
    5. Send to RFMS and email the Quote to the customer

    *Available on IOS, Android, and Windows devices.

  • Customer Relationship Management app
    Our new CRM app gives your sales department a systematic method to gather leads, communicate with potential customers and manage the workflow from the initial sales opportunity to closing the sale directly from their mobile phone or tablet....

  • Fulfills the Needs of Salesperson and Sales Manager Roles


    • Organize sales opportunities with a defined workflow
    • A single starting point that feeds important project requirements throughout the sales process
    • Online customer portal providing quote and order status with two-way dialog
    • Advanced communication with the customer throughout the sales process via a web portal, text messages and emails
    • Calendar and scheduling features shared through the company
    • Customer profile and history
    • Internal notifications to let estimators know where, when and what to measure and estimate

    Sales Manager:

    • Visibility to sales process across company
    • On demand reporting with trends, activity and key performance metrics in real-time

    Built to Manage your Retail Sales Process

    • View and manage the opportunity pipeline
    • On demand reporting of win/loss ratios, time in each stage, days to close
    • Instant 2-way communication with clients
    • Customer's own web portal to view and manage the project
    • View a company-wide calendar for salespersons and estimators
    • Integrate personal calendar with Outlook and Gmail
    • Tight integration with Measure Mobile and RFMS Mobile
    • On demand access to historical customer activity and remarks

    Watch a demo here: https://www.rfms.com/crm-video/

  • Business Insights
    Our Business Insights service allows you to quickly view and understand key metrics about your business and compare your performance to other flooring dealers like you.

  • Fulfills the Needs of Both Owners/General Managers and Sales Managers

    Owner/General Manager:

    • Dashboard with Year to Date Key Performance Metrics like Delivered and Written Sales and GP
    • Advanced benchmarking throughout BI dashboards to compare your company to others like you
    • Daily Breakeven Chart to indicate your progress month to date
    • Industry Sales and Gross Margin Trends and how you compare
    • Overview of Sales and Quotes Performance for Company, Store and Sales Agent
    • View Financial Performance with Trends
    • See your Expenses over time and how they compare to dealers like you
    • Product Mix Performance and Trends
    • Labor Cost Analysis
    • Product Style Review

    Sales Manager:

    • Complete visibility of your Sales Staff Performance in Delivered and Written Sales and GP
    • Sales and GP Leaderboard
    • Manage Open Quote Opportunities by Store and Sales Agent
    • Compare Quote close performance
    • Product Performance by Sales Agent