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Superfici America is the North American leader in turn-key, automated , full-line finishing solutions. Reciprocating spray machines. Robots for Line Automation. Roll Coaters. Ovens/Dryers. Pre-Heaters. Vacuum Coaters. Sanders. Moulding/Linear Solutions. Conveyors. Customizable full integration solutions experts.

Welcome to Superfici America. Wood finishing solutions!

Superfici America is the North American leader in turn-key, automated, full-line finishing solutions.

  • Reciprocating spray machines (Valtorta Bravorobot, Magnum, Compact 3, Mini and Mini +)
  • Robots for Line Automation
  • Roll Coaters
  • Curtain Coaters
  • UV and IR Ovens/Dryers (flat and vertical)
  • Pre-Heaters
  • Vacuum Coaters
  • Sanders and Denibbers
  • Moulding/Linear Solutions
  • Conveyors
  • Custom, full integration solutions experts with more than 300 years of combined experience.

Brands: mini and mini +, Compact 3, Magnum, Valtorta Robot, DMC Brushers and Sanders, Etc 1, Contivert.


Superfici Magnum
DMC MB 90 Sander


  • Mini Plus R-Evolution
    Quick change guns. Pressurized cabin minimizing overspray. Paper conveyance for easy cleaning. A laser reader bar that tells the guns where/when to spray. Spraying arms mounted on linear precision guides with brushless, hyper-smooth motorization.

  • The Mini Plus Evolution boasts huge finishing potential with a small footprint, and was engineered to provide a cost-effective solution to smaller businesses, enabling them to achieve the same quality and consistency of finish provided by larger automated spray machines. With a recommended maximum speed of 3 m/m, and a cabin pressurized to minimize overspray, the Mini Plus is sure to revolutionize your finishing production! Though the Mini Plus boasts a small footprint to fit almost every working environment, it offers a working width of fifty-one inches, and a closed circuit for applications delivery allowing for rapid color changes. The on-board Opti-Spray software controls the machine parameters, including storage of up to one-hundred recipes, and real-time production reports. The opening and closing of the guns is automatically adjusted according to the data scanned by the laser reader bar at the in-feed.
  • Compact 3
    Double armed recip sprayer perfect for midsized companies. Lacquer reclaiming unit on easy-to-clean trolly. Color touch LCD for easy and reliable working parameters, recipes, diagnostics and maintenance programming....

  • • HIGH FINISHING QUALITY Thanks to the advanced technical specifications and high quality construction.The Compact Sprayer shows a special attention to the achievement of high quality standards in the final product, due to, for example, the lacquer application in two steps achieved by the double arm reciprocator and to the pressurized cabin with double stage air inlet filtration and full size filtering roof. • EASY USE AND PRODUCTION QUALITY CONSISTENCY Features the user-friendly control software “Optispray”. This intuitive software controls the spraying parameters, the storage of working recipes, and their simple recall; thus achieving high quality results. • LIMITED INVESTMENT Compact 3 is greatest value for the money. The space saving and inexpensive COMPACT 3 guarantees all the advantages of automated lines and makes them affordable to small and medium size companies. If combined with flat dryers for the fast flash off and drying of solvent based, water-borne or UV lacquers, COMPACT 3 is the basis of these automated lines, which fulfill the customers’ finishing needs.
  • Magnum Spray Machine
    Up to 12 guns. Perfect for large, higher volume companies. Patented reciprocating two-arm spraying system. Spray's any coating that is sprayed by hand. Remote operations and maintenance management via MyFinishing App....

  • HIGH FEED SPEEDS with synchronized functions. HIGH QUALITY FINISHING RESULTS thanks to the optimal fluid management system for all finishing materials. Full flexibility with multiple full flow fluid circuits and patented independent reciprocators. QUICK CHANGE OF MATERIALS with multiple lacquer recovery units and integrated color change software. SPRAY CABIN KEPT TO OPTIMAL SPRAY CONDITION with automatic capture filter replenishment by including the option of “filter on demand”. This minimizes end of day clean up and eliminates stoppages for filter change. EXTENDED DISTANCE BETWEEN RECIPROCATOR ARMS AND ADJUSTABLE SPRAY OFFSET Independent drives to each arm allowing variable spray offset. Spray area is supplied with input air from a wide and specially engineered filter roof across the entire spray cabin. It’s special design ensures perfectly even air distribution across the full working area. Cabin walls are all fabricated with stainless steel facings for easy clean up. Lacquer reclaiming unit “scrape on wet”. The principle of the system to apply on the spraying belt the same material that is being used for spraying the panels. This fresh paint will dissolve the dry material on the belt and it can then be easily removed by means of a scraper. The complete reclaiming system is mounted on a slide out trolley to ease cleaning and quick color change operations. It is also possible with dual units to use in tandem allowing scraper blade clean off without stopping production.
  • Air Jet Dryer
    Our LINEAR DRYERS include different types of dryers mainly used in case of short drying times....

  • Our LINEAR DRYERS include different types of dryers mainly used in case of short drying times. COUNTER-FLOW VENTILATION The airflow goes from the end of the tunnel towards the in feed. Such laminar ventilation basically removes the solvent from the drying hood and takes it outside. Various modular units can be combined to achieve the optimum drying effect. Air Inlet UNIT UMI Air inlet unit complete with ventilator, distribution plenum and filter. It can be equipped with a heating fluid battery or an electric heating coil. Air Inlet UNIT UMI-R Air inlet unit equipped with medium wave IR lamps. The unit can be supplied with 6, 9 or 12 lamps. Lamps can be stepless adjustable in power to optimize the irradiation wavelength.Air exhaust unit installed on its support and complete with suction fan. The dryer is completed by an intermediate covering suitable for the installation of low pressure TL lamps to ease the floating of the matt agent in case of solvent based UV lacquers.he air is blown through narrow openings placed crosswise to the panel feed. The air blades uniformly blow high speed air on the whole width of the boards. In addition to the mechanical action of the high speed air, the special design of the hood also achieves a good laminar effect thanks to the immediate air recovery from two sides. The hood can be easily equipped with IR lamps with stepless power adjustment, which can be positioned between the blades on adjustable holders. The air is blown at a very high speed through round nozzles uniformly distributed on the whole roof of the drying hood. Thanks to the high air speed (up to 25 mt/sec.), the air also has a mechanical action on the lacquer layer to be dried. This is particularly effective in case of water born materials. The dryer can be equipped with IR lamps with stepless adjustable power, which actually varies the irradiation wave length.
  • Contivert Etc Vertical Dryer
    The Contivert Dryer with belt trays has all the advantages of a linear dryer, while requiring only a minimum of space and energy....

  • • ENERGY SAVING Due to the recirculation of the air flows, aimed to optimize heat recovery, and to the ventilation that is controlled and channeled in a highly efficient way, the heat exposure of the pieces to be dried is increased making the best use of the heat and air in the system. • SPACE SAVING Thanks to the vertical movement of the trays in the dryer, the machine footprint is reduced to a minimum, even in case of very long drying times. • DRYING ENVIRONMENT WITH FILTERED AIR AND CONTROLLED VENTILATION It is designed to guarantee the final quality of the cured work-pieces. Air temperature and air speed in various zones are set according to the parameters of drying required. The air flows are channeled appropriately to create ventilation tangent to the surface of the pieces. The air in the system is pre-filtered. LOADING AND UNLOADING, COMPLETE BATCHES, CYCLE BY CYCLE. The machine’s operating sequence: The conveyor belt is set in motion as soon as a belt pallet coming up from below has reached the loading and unloading level and a batch of freshly lacquered work-pieces has been identified by the photocell. After the loading of a new batch and the unloading of the dried work-pieces have been completed, the following movements are carried out simultaneously in the Convert: • the belt tray which has just been loaded moves up by one cycle in only 2,5 seconds (1 cycle=1 rack stage) • the next belt tray starts moving up and reaches the loading and unloading position • the belt tray on the top starts moving in the next cabin • the belt tray at the bottom starts moving in the previous cabin DRYING SYSTEM WITH BELT TRAYS The Contivert Dryer with belt trays has all the advantages of a linear dryer, while requiring only a minimum of space and energy. Belt trays arranged one on top of the other ensure controlled air flow, with both its speed and temperature adapted to the drying cycle and the finishing material used. THE NECESSARY NUMBER OF BELT TRAYS The model of the Contivert, the number of the belt trays and the overall height of the dryer are determined by: • the output of the upstream lacquering unit (coating and automatic spraying machine) • the drying cycle specified by the lacquer manufacturer THE MAXIMUM WORK-PIECE THICKNESS IN THE CONTIVERT DEPENDS ON THE DISTANCE BETWEEN TRAYS. The thickness of the work pieces to be dried determines the distance between the belt pallets (rack clearance) and therefore as a consequence the number of the belt pallets possible in the relevant Contivert model of a certain height. A sufficient distance between the belt pallets is essential to ensure correct air circulation over the work pieces, and therefore effective drying.