The Union Tool Corporation

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United States
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With over 75 years of experience and knowledge, The Union Tool Corporation is a leading manufacturer of roller coating and laminating equipment for the Engineered Flooring Industry! The equipment that we manufacture is designed to provide innovative solutions to help our customers reduce waste and labor costs, while also improving uptime and overall productivity. Quality, Dependable, Innovative, and Reputable... these are just a few characteristics that have set us apart from our competitors.

For lamination equipment for engineered wood flooring, The Union Tool Corporation has everything you need! Our complete lamination system consists of our Union Core Plank Feeder, Union Hot Melt Roller Coater, Union Lay-up Conveyor, Union Multi-Nip Rotary Laminator, and our Union Flying Cutoff Saw.

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The Union Tool Corporation

1144 N. Detroit Street

Warsaw, IN 46580

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Brands: PUR Flooring Press, Adhesive Spreaders, Roll Coaters, Hot Melt Adhesives Spreaders, Rotary Presses, Laminators, Feeders/De-stackers, Lay-up Stations, Conveyors, and Other Material Handling Equipment.

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  • Engineered Flooring Lamination System (FULL)
    A complete material handling and coating system for laminating engineered wood flooring. This engineered wood flooring system includes our core plank feeder, hot melt roller coater, layup conveyor, multi-nip rotary laminator, and flying cutoff saw.

  • Union Core Plank Feeder (Dual Lane):

    This core plank feeder is designed to automatically feed two stacks of plywood cores up to 12" wide into our Union Hot Melt Roller Coater. This feeder incorporates two independent lanes, which feed separately on demand. Each lane includes its own hopper rack system that holds a stack of cores and can accommodate different widths being ran (single lane core feeders also available).

    Union Hot Melt Roller Coater:

    Union Tool’s Hot Melt Roller Coater for the Engineered Wood Flooring Industry is specifically designed to apply hot melt (PUR) adhesive to the top surface of plywood core planks. This coater will apply a smooth, even, controllable amount of adhesive to each plank that is fed through the machine. Once the coated planks exit through the Hot Melt Roller Coater, they will then go onto the Union Lay-Up Conveyor where at that time top wear layer lamellas may be manually placed onto each coated plank.

    Union Lay-Up Conveyor:

    Union Tool offers a Lay-Up Conveyor that is designed to align and transport the coated planks and top lamellas from the Union Hot Melt Roller Coater to the Union Multi Nip Rotary Laminator (both single and dual lanes are available).

    Union Multi Nip Rotary Laminator:

    This Union Multi Nip Rotary Laminator is designed to apply the necessary pressure to bond both the coated planks and top lamellas together. Union Tool offers several different styles of multi nip rotary laminators all dependent on each customer’s specific needs (both single and dual lanes are available).

    Union Flying Cutoff Saw:

    The Union Flying Cutoff Saw is incorporated into our engineered wood flooring lamination system to automatically cut laminated engineered flooring planks as they exit the Union Multi Nip Rotary Laminator. The Union Flying Cutoff Saw allows for continuous lamination at speeds up to 60 feet per minute. With incorporating dual photo sensors, the saw will detect a gap in the top lamella layer that was created by the operator at the layup station placing the lamella onto the coated surface of the core. In a smooth downward motion, the saw will make a cut when each gap is detected.