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US Sander sells equipment and parts for practically all makes and brands. We stock - Galaxy, Clarke-American, Hummel-Lagler, KT, Essex Silverline and US Sander parts and or machines. We are the only manufacturer of vulcanized rubber drums and wire drums in our industry. Want to go DUST FREE? We sell the Diamond Jet 1200 cfm. Easy Stain application with the patented Spin Coater.

The Largest Hardwood Flooring Equipment Specialist.

     INNOVATION is what we do!! We now manufacture a custom LED light for edgers. Tired of leaving edger tracks? Try our new, wider caster system. Need great finishing results on your edger? Try our new edger pad with flex! Need a toekick edger? We make 2 types, Need a stair edger? Try our's. Want a buffer - sander LED light? Ours is small and bright. Want almost 100% dust containment? Try the Diamond Jet 1200! Test our low cost zirconium sanding belts for production and stay with them for cost. NO SWIRLS! with the UFO orbital buffer attachment.  Easy stain application with the patented spin coater system.


Brands: Galaxy, Lagler, Hummel, KT, Essex Silverline, Wolf, Ufloor, Padco, Ceno, Norton, Mercer, Bostich, Bona, Mercury, Mastercraft, Crain, Absolute Coating, Clarke and many many more!

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  • Diamond Jet 1200 Dust Containment System
    Powerful 220v dust containment system that outdraws any sander, greatly increasing dust containment. We even outdraw and increase the dust pickup on two 12inch 10hp gym sanders. Large non-clogging filters and cyclone filtration keep you sanding all day....

  • OUT DRAWS sanders and edgers together.
    -Runs up to 4 machines.*
    -Total 1200 cfm available from motors, 582 cfm usable at hose end.
    -120in waterlift capable.
    -220v 26 amps 5,720w 60hz.
    -4 large cast aluminum motors.
    -Large 60+ sq ft Pre Filter, 7-11 Micron, Sand MORE.
    -Uses 4mil plastic bags to collect dust.
    -4in piping to cyclone allows best in class air flow! -
    -Comes with 110 ft of flexible hoses, accessories, and adapters to fit your machines. (This includes a 50ft sander hose, 50ft edger hose, and 10ft buffer hose)
    -Can operate sanders 125 ft away (with 4in 25ft optional feed hose keep the same CFM at hose end).
    -Included 220 volt electric adapter runs sander and DCS using 25ft 8/3 feed wire connect to 50amp circuit, internal breaker.
    -Dust barrel rolls on its own wheels to empty and attaches to the system to roll easily with cabinet assembled.
    -Exhaust waste air outside using optional 4 inch x 25ft stretch hose, creates negative air pressure in the room! Stops swirling dust.
    -Greatly increases sanding efficiency.
    -Weight of system (208 lbs) Separates into two 100 lb pieces.
    -Portable - Modular - comes apart into 5 pieces.
    -Steel dust container for fire protection.
    -Fits through 28in Doorway.

    For dust collection systems to work efficiently they need to out draw the vacuum on the sander. Most sanders output about 240 cfm and edgers about 160 cfm. So minimum 400 cfm is needed. This takes power and this is why we draw up to 32amps.
    As of 1/1/2020 this no longer has wireless remote. Manual power switch only.

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  • UFO Geared Orbital and Stain Coater
    The UFO is a geared orbital buffer attachment that is non-repeating and uses 16 inch abrasives and screens. The stain coater allows you to buff on stain without stopping in one smooth application....

  • The UFO Orbital Buffer Attachment

    45 pound geared orbital sands faster without swirl marks.

    Adds orbital action and dust containment to your buffer.

    Uses standard 16 screens & abrasives

    Patented Orbital Attachment



    • 13.7 dia, 5 high, 42lbs (without accessories)
    • Uses a 16 MightyLOC brush driver on the bottom to drive maintenance pad and abrasives.
    • All Aluminum Housing Construction
    • Uses Standard clutch driver to mount on most popular buffers (Clarke, Alto, Ceno, Mastercraft, Mercury, General, Powerflite and more).
    • The dust pipe is used as an anchor for the housing and must be used to enable orbital action.
    • Operates with any shop vac/commercial style vacuum (standard 1 1/2 vacuum pipe).
    • Unit has 9 sealed bearings, 5 hardened steel gears, and almost 100 total parts.
    • Built in slip clutch
    • Long life gears and double sealed bearings

    What is the UFO?

    It's an attachment that goes on a regular 1 1/2 hp 175 RPM buffer and turns it into the fastest sanding orbital sander. It can be removed for ease of transport or to use the buffer with a standard pad driver.

    Website information available here for the UFO

    Spin Coater by US Sander

    Continually Buff on Stain

    -Constantly buff on stain without stopping
    -Stain injects from the center of the pad
    -Does not splash
    -Precisely meter stain on floor with trigger valve
    -No need to hand rub after
    -Quick attach patented carpet lok center ring
    -Complete kit attaches to any standard buffer
    -Easy no tool disassembly for cleaning
    -Fast 3 minute clean up with spray cleaners
    -All brackets and valves easily install on any handle
    -Valve disassembles easily for weekly cleaning
    -1.5 quart capacity, two containers included
    -16 inch Driver, two 16 inch patented carpet applicators included

    Patent Pending

    CLICK FOR Spin Coater website information

  • Radiator Edgers, Stair Edgers, Parts and More
    We manufacturer our own brand of Radiator Edgers, Stair Edgers, and products for hardwooding....

  • Parts schematics on our website for all Sanders with easy to find parts for every part and bolt.

    More information for each item clickable below.

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    Billet Edger Pad

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