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Charlotte,  NC 
United States
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Cefla North America offers the best compact technology suitable for a small production batch of high-end prefinished flooring! Brushing, coating and digital printing machines with cutting-edge 3D solutions and haptic effects. See our new e-Line modular flooring system for 16"W plank production, a modular line with individual brush, roller, UV and wiping units that allow a truely tailored machine layout. A new e-Line wiping unit will be unveiled at the show. Ask about Ubiquo service packs!

See new e-Line modular flooring system 16"W planks!

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cefla North America provides the largest array of specialized finishing equipment in the United States and Canada. Whether you are a small shop searching for an individual spray-coating, roller-coating, curing, wiping, or sanding solution, a large shop requiring an entire line, or somewhere in between - Cefla offers solutions for shops of every size. In addition to finishing equipment for flooring and other applications, Cefla offers top-line customer service, real-time technical support via certified technician network, testing services in our state-of-the-art LAB and accommodation area, as well as warehousing and spare parts services. Be sure to ask about Ubiquo technology packs!

As Cefla’s largest investment outside of Italy, Cefla’s Charlotte facility houses 150,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehousing, showroom, testing and office space. Cefla’s testing lab, the largest in North America, also serves as a research center for vacuum coating technology.


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CFS Compact Flooring System
Digital Printing
Smart Parquet

 Show Specials

  • Cefla North America offers the best compact flooring technology suitable for small production batches and at NWFA 2020, Cefla will showcase its newest compact flooring system known as the e-Line that allows for plank production of up to 16" wide. Made in the USA, Cefla's e-Line is a flexible, modular system of individual sanding, roller, UV and wiping units that allow YOU to decide how your line should be arranged for optimal production. This year, a new wiping unit has been added to the available options in the e-Line series, be sure to stop by booth #1143 to learn about our show special on this unit!  

 Press Releases

  • Charlotte, N.C. February 20, 2020 – Cefla North America, the leading provider of finishing, decoration and digital printing solutions, will launch a wiping unit as an addition to its newest compact flooring system, known as the “e-Line,” at NWFA 2020 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The e-Line is a modular system composed of individual sanding, roll-coating, wiping and UV curing units that can be placed in sequence at the election of the operator/business to achieve the intended output. What’s more, it accepts panels / floor boards or multiple strips up to 400 millimeters (or 16 inches).

    As well, its simplified operator interface provides the simplicity and ease of use for any level operator. The systems also features roller removal without tools for faster cleanup and changeovers, as well as ATEX-rated drive units. The e-Line hosts two UV lamps to allow for total drying and individual lamp controls allow for variable curing requirements. The lift-up hood on each unit facilitates routine maintenance on internal components. And lastly, a quiet exhaust fan creates a quieter shop environment. 

    The e-Line will not only be present at NWFA 2020, it will also be present at CeflaLive Charlotte 2020, an Open House event focused uniquely on equipment and technologies unique to the finishing industry. The event takes place April 22-23, and will feature live demonstrations, breakout sessions, workshops, and personal networking opportunities. Live demonstrations will take place with participation from leading industry coating, pump and gun suppliers. Wood, plastic, metal, fiber cement fabricators from all industry sectors (flooring, kitchen & bath, architectural millwork, wood components, and more) seeking the latest information on surface enhancement techniques from across the United States and Canada are invited. Visit www.ceflafinishing.com/ceflalivecharlotte for more information, or email Cefla North America Marketing Specialist Kristen Riggs.  

    Cefla North America offers the broadest range of finishing and coatings application equipment on the market today. Forward-thinking customers look to Cefla for solutions to coat virtually any substrate: wood, metal, glass, plastics and composites. Spray equipment, roll coaters, vacuum coaters and many other automated systems help customers involved in furniture, panel processing, casegoods, flooring and dozens of other industries be more successful.


  • CFS Compact Flooring System - MADE IN THE USA
    Looking for a pre-finished flooring system that fits today's individualized market demand? The CFS is a compact, all-in-one flooring system that incorporates sanding, coating, wiping and curing. Quickly expand production with minimum need for space....

  • The CFS Compact Flooring System is ideal for custom, just-in-time and small production runs. It has the capability to sand up to four sides of your profile. The roll-coating section offers great flexiblity and control over coating thickness. The wiping unit brings out the best in your material and the adjustable UV lamps provide many curing options. This an all-in-one unit takes up minimal space on your shop floor and performs a number of tasks:

    • Sanding: Individually positioned sanding wheels on all four sides for single-pass production.  
    • Roll Coating: Fully-featured roll coating system assures even coverage at any feed speed.  
    • Wiping: Assures even finish and lustre.  
    • UV Curing: Fast and adjustable. Partial to full-cure depending on requirements. 

    Additional Features 

    • ​No VOC emissions

    • No permits required

    • Reduced flammability

    • Consistent results

    • Low coatings costs

    • Small production footprint

    Product Page: https://www.ceflafinishing.com/en/products-and-solutions/product-search/cfs-compact-flooring-systems/

    Case Study Featuring Elmwood: https://www.ceflafinishing.com/en/case-studies/#customized-flooring

  • E-Line Compact Flooring Series - MADE IN THE USA
    Flooring customization has never been easier! DV Systems' new E-Line allows for wider plank production up to 16 inches. Compact and modular by design, the E-Line provides 100% interchangeability of sanding, roll-coating, UV curing, and wiping units....

  • More than just a compact finishing line, Cefla's new E-Line sands, roll coats, wipes and cures. It is a modular, DV-Systems solution that provides flexibility in today’s ever-changing market requirements.

    Apart from its space-efficient design and high-quality componentry, it is suitable for heavy-duty applications and has everything you need thanks to its modular concept. Machine set-up can be customized to fit your needs, job after job. Production is easily adjusted by switching on/off one or more sections to allow for the specific output you require.

    This machine handles flat surfaces with widths up to 16 inches and an adjustable lamp height catering to varying sheen requirements. Additionally, it works at variable speeds, offers flexible controls and easily adapts to small production runs and just-in-time scenarios. Easy to use control panel allows for easy adoption into current operational environment. So easy to use, anybody can do it!

    Product page: https://www.ceflafinishing.com/en/products-and-solutions/product-search/e-line/

  • RSP-E4 Distressing Machine - MADE IN THE USA
    A compact machine designed to distress planks of solid wood, two-ply board or three-ply board. Varying depths can be obtained via independent wire brushes. RSP is fitted with metal and tinex brushes or abrasive strips that highlight a wood’s grain....

  • The RSP4 is a machine designed to distress planks of solid wood or two or three-ply board. Thanks to the characteristics of the independent brushes, distressed effects of varying depth can be obtained, depending on the customer's requirements.


    • Independent, adjustable height brushes
    • Independent brush speeds controlled by inverter
    • Two-way brush rotation

    Product page: https://www.ceflafinishing.com/en/products-and-solutions/product-search/rsp4-distressing-machine/