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Airwood has been manufacturing wood floor grills since 1998. Known for our classic design, sliding damping system included on all standard HVAC sizes with high air flow output. Hand crafted and sourced from SFC certified hardwoods, offering quick lead times on volume and volume price incentives.

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At Airwood Flooring Accessories we offer a wide selection of premium wood vents and moldings for every taste and budget. Airwood is consistently improving the product being offered in hardwood floor accessories and is widely considered an innovator in design and manufacturing standards.

We know wood floor moldings and vents can seem complicated. We also know they’re generally the last thing you think of during the design phase, but they are so crucial to the overall appearance of the floor. An incorrect or poorly matching molding can cost time and money and cause many inconveniences. Reach out to us and talk about your needs and we’ll customize options that suit your specific requirements.

We’re not your standard molding provider. Every product we mill is steeped in tradition while offering the best of today’s technology and innovation. We are very excited to introduce you to the Airwood culture!

Brands: Classics / MATCHABLES / TWINflow


  • Flush Mount Classics Wood Vent
    Available in 3/4 thickness as well as 1/2 and 5/8. Damper included at no cost on 3/4 product with no parts or pieces that extend below vent frame....

  • Wooden heat vents/registers milled from raw select and better hardwoods
    Available in over 16 hardwood species
    Made in 10 standard HVAC sizes, standard and custom size eggcrate and cold air returns also available 
    Innovative air flow damper allows no parts or pieces to extend below the frame which simplifies the installation process while maximizing the airflow for the end user
    Structurally stable with even force pressure
    Durable with less than 1% returns