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Established in 1938 Akhurst Machinery Inc. has grown to become one of the largest independent equipment distributors in North America. Over the past seven decades the company has achieved steady growth. This growth has been the result of a continued focus on customer service and the ability to provide the best equipment solutions to manufacturing challenges. To this day AMI remains a family owned company, bringing those family values to their dealings with both customers and suppliers.

Akhurst Machinery Inc. sells and services a wide range of machinery involved in the production of flooring.  From Marinus Combination Cut Off Saw & End Matchers, Bottene Optimizing & Crosscutting Saws, to Leadermac Moulders, Houfek Widebelt Sanders and Brushing Machines, and the Cantek range of wood processing equipment, we can offer solutions for your manufacturing requirements, backed with support and service you require.

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Brands: Leadermac, Cantek, Marinus, Houfek, Bottene


    Advanced high speed end matcher and defecting cut-off saw....

  • The Marinus Powermax is an advanced high speed end matcher as well as a defecting cut-off saw.  Designed for end matching wood flooring / paneling material up to 12” wide.  The operator can crayon mark around defects on the material, a photo eye will then detect those marks & machine will cut out those defects and endmatch around them.  Its advanced servo system allows for superior throughput capacity in one small footprint which is unmatched in the industry.

    • Heavy and stable construction

    • Continuous high speed feeding system with accurate positioning utilizing HD Servo Drives.

    • 2 Servomotors for maximum feed control and acceleration and deceleration control

    • Servo driven feed motor & gearbox for highest efficiency speed feeding & control of the cutterhead carriage incl. independent stepless speed control forward & reverse.

    • Pneumatic side pushers for guaranteed square angle cut.

    • Inductive-Sensors for detecting the position of the carriage & the others for detecting the positions of the saw blades

    • Router Remote Access w/ internet connection, factory can monitor the performance of your machine, & it allows for easy access for service & software updates & download.

  • HOUFEK TWINGO 600 Series
    Houfek Twingo 600 Series Brushing / Polishing Machine...

  • The Twingo is a multipurpose machine designed for:

    • Cleaning the surface after former operations, e.g. after milling, thickening, and grinding as a preparation for the following operations of surface adjustments, e.g. varnishing, staining, waxing, etc.

    • Surface polishing after former operations such as fine grinding, waxing, staining, etc. For this purpose the operating tools are used – disks made on textile base, various polishing felt, etc

    • The completion fine grinding on formerly machined workpieces after former rough grinding, milling etc. For this purpose, the work tools are used – brushes made of e.g. grinding materials slips on textile or paper mat, potentially special discs fitted with fibres containing the grinding components, or discs with combined grinding slips and fibres.

    • Surface treatment, structuring, and graining. These work processes are used for surface treatment of the workpieces made mostly of wood. The goal of these processes is the creation or highlighting of the wood natural structure.

    Twingo 600 BB: 2 brushing units, 10 HP each

    Twingo 600 BBB: 3 brushing units, 10 HP each

    Twingo 600 BBBB: 4 brushing units, 10 HP each

  • CANTEK CFS-100
    Optimizing Cut-Off Saw...

    • Ideal for finger jointing (for defect) materials and mass material preparation of desired cut lengths of material through set cut lengths or optimization

    • Provides 3 ~ 5 times higher production rate than manual cut-off saws.

    • Saves over 5% of wood materials ie increase in recovery by about 5% over manual cutting

    • Compact and user-friendly design.

    • The controller adopts an industrial-grade computer that employs a 32-bit floating-point DSP system. It features flash and battery backup SRAM for double security.

    • Defect blowing system combined with computerized logic control permits the blowing time and the length of defect to be set as desired. This feature provides efficient defect removal, which avoids defects bumping against the sawblade, resulting in the machine going down or sawblade damage.

    • Feed is driven by a servomotor for fast and accurate motion and position control.

    • Maximum feed speed is up to 262 fpm (80 80 M/min)

    • Cutting rate up to 80 cuts per minute.

    • High cutting accuracy within approx. ±1mm.

    Leadermac Platinum Series Moulders...

    • 7200 or 8000 RPM spindles which allow you to run up to 30% faster
    • 4~9 heads, widths up to 12”, & 10” thickness capacity
    • VFD cardan shaft drive with speeds to 100 FPM
    • Built with a rigid cast iron machine base
    • Optional hydro-loc outboard bearings, universal head, and/or ripsaw section
    • Optional Quick True-Set Digital Setworks available