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United States
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Loba and Wakol are leading suppliers for adhesives and finishes within the wood and resilient flooring industry with innovative solutions and systems from the subfloor to the finished floor. Loba-Wakol's connected systems program develops products and solutions with absolute compatibility from start to finish. **PLEASE JOIN US, FRIDAY MAY 1, 2020 AT 8PM EST FOR A VIRTUAL HAPPY HOUR** This will be a zoom meeting, open to all in the industry. Meeting ID: 838 3327 6670 Password: 621747 SEE YOU THERE!!

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Brands: Loba-Wakol, LLC based in Charlotte, North Carolina is the North American subsidiary of German market leaders Loba and Wakol who have partners and subsidiaries in over 40 countries.


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    LOBA Viva, Water Based Finish
    Limit of 3 offers per customer, per brand. Must be of equal or lessor value. Cannot be 
    combined with other offers. Must be redeemed through distribution. Valid April 29 - May 1 ONLY. 
    Verbal Coupon Code: EXPO 328
  • Buy One, Get One 
    WAKOL PU280 Moisture Barrier
    Limit of 3 offers per customer, per brand. Must be of equal or lessor value. Cannot be 
    combined with other offers. Must be redeemed through distribution. Valid April 29 - May 1 ONLY. 
    Verbal Coupon Code: EXPO 328


  • LOBADUR® Whitener Additive
    Additive that can be used in conjunction with all water-based LOBADUR® primers and finishes for a smooth brightening of wood floors. The intensity of the whitening may be individually controlled by variable application in one or more layers....

  • LOBADUR® Whitener Additive
    LOBADUR® Whitener may be combined with all water-based primers and finishes from LOBA to meet a wide range of requirements. The use in one or more layers makes the system extremely flexible and offers numerous design options.
    LOBADUR® Whitener Additive is suitable for all light wood species as well as light-colored wood surfaces. For dark wood species we recommend consultation with a LOBA Technical Sales Professional. Preferably recommended for matte finishes.
    LOBADUR® Whitener Additive:
    • Creates a smooth brightening of the wood surface
    • Intensifies the whitening effect of white colored surfaces
    • Reduces the natural yellowing of the wood
    • For a wide range of requirements and individual design options
    • Variable control of brightening intensity
    • Water-based technology, solvent-free (Simple and safe application)
  • LOBADUR® EasyFinish
    1 component water-based finish that is truly unique in its class
    Easy application at the performance of a 2K system!

  • LOBADUR® EasyFinish
    Take it easy – LOBADUR® EasyFinish is known for its outstanding application qualities. In combination with the water-based filler EasyFillPro and the universal primer EasyPrime, contractors benefit from the highest level of safety and performance!
    • Long-lasting beauty of the floor – high resistance to mechanical wear and household chemicals
    • Custom choice of appearance – available in satin, semi-gloss and gloss
    • Simple and convenient care and maintenance
    • Time saving – light use after 24 hours, fully cured after only 5 days
    • Easy 1K system combined with 2K performance
    • Outstanding application qualities – easy to use and safe, no lap marks
    • Very low emission, EMICODE® EC1
    LOBADUR® EasyFinish is suitable for wood and cork floors. For use in heavy traffic residential areas and in commercial use.
    Cement-based trowelable underlayment developed specifically for challenging environments. Suitable for all floor coverings. Has an extremely high compressive strength and can be used directly on top of WAKOL PU280 (see technical data for instructions...

    Install over: 
    • concrete 
    • prepared adhesive residues on concrete 
    • WAKOL PU280
    Key Features
    • Polymer-modified
    • Self-drying matrix
    • Mixes with water only 
    • Trowelable
    • Interior use only
    • General priming recommendations: No priming required
    • Packaging: 10 lb. (4.5 kg)
    • Coverage: 40 sq. ft. per bag at 1/16” (3.7 m2 at 1.5 mm)
    • Thickness: Install from a true featheredge to any depth
    • Pot life: 15 to 20 minutes
    • Install floor coverings: 15 minutes
    • Compressive strength: 7800 psi
    Contact your local WAKOL Technical Sales professional or visit or website for more details.
  • WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive
    A firm-elastic MS polymer adhesive that combines elasticity with strength. Its high inner strength enables it to more comfortably absorb any movement caused by expansion of the wood flooring....

  • WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive
    Trusted – reliable WAKOL MS technology optimized for foil sausage tubes
    Advanced – superior ergonomics when working with any of our applicators
    Secure – amazing green grab, high tensile-strength, semi-elastic, high absorptive adhesion that quickly forms a strong bond
    Universal – wide range of applications
    Fast – can be applied more quickly with greater precision and less waste than standard adhesives Safe – no interaction with finishes and VOC free!
    Environmentally friendly - significantly less waste and packaging than a traditional pail of adhesive.
    WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive assures you that you will achieve the best possible outcome.
    Available in a range of sizes from 20.0 US.fl.oz and 1.0 gal foil sausage tubes to now in a 3 gal pail. This means WAKOL MS262 can be used in all standard WAKOL applicators and traditional troweling applications.
    WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive can be used universally for virtually any type of wood flooring and is suitable for laying mosaic parquet, on edge lamella parquet, strip parquet, multi-layer parquet, solid wood planks as well as cork flooring with an HDF/MDF middle layer and cork stabilizing layer on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors indoors.
    Suitable applicator nozzles and trowel blades are available from Wakol.
    WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive has no VOC content or any plasticising substances.
    Connected Systems – the perfect match!
    WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive is one of the products covered by the LOBA and WAKOL “Connected System” guarantee. This means that WAKOL MS 262 Wood Flooring Adhesive, firm-flexible and recommended Loba coatings are compatible. No more worries about unwanted interactions between the products – we guarantee it!
    Less waste
    When used in a WAKOL applicator, foil sausage tubes make it easy to ensure that you utilize every last drop. This eliminates the tiresome, time- consuming task of scraping traces of adhesive from the bottom of your pail. When crushed, the foil tubes occupy significantly less landfill space than bulky stacks of adhesive containers.
    Please always observe the product data sheet before processing.
  • WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier
    WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier – the fastest problem solver

    • install flooring in approximately 45 minutes
    • applies easily with a standard roller
    • no moisture testing necessary
    • one component: no mixing, no waste

  • WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier 
    Single component Polyurethane based waterproofing primer
    · 100% active substance
    · Water free, solvent free
    · VOC free, 0 g/l US regulatory
    · AirQuality Seal, EMICODE EC1 PLUS · No odor
    Versatility in application
    · Slowing of residual moisture on wood substrates
    · Blocking of residual moisture in concrete and other non-moisture-sensitive subfloors
    · Encapsulation of non water-soluble adhesive residue
    · Solidifies weak concrete and strengthens from within.
    Fast, Simple and Reliable
    WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier is a single component product and therefore ready for immediate use. No mixing or special tool required. Mixing errors are fully ruled out. After use, the container can be simply sealed again and stored for the next use.
    Install flooring 40-50 minutes after application of WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier even under difficult construction site conditions. No other method is as fast.
    No moisture test required: Two coats of WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier will block 100% rH with no moisture testing required (see technical data sheet for detailed recommendations).
    With a coverage of approximately 1000 sq.ft. / per unit / per coat, WAKOL PU 280 Moisture Barrier is an extremely economical high performance waterproofing primer.
    Less trips to the jobsite and less waiting time reduces the overall job cost.
    Please always observe the product data sheet before use.
    Ask your Wakol representative for more details.