July 7-9, 2021 – Orange County Convention Center – Orlando, FL


Murray,  KY 
United States
  • Booth: 229A


Welcome! Thank you for showing an interest in HempWood!

HempWood aims to be a catalyst for a wave of innovation consumed by the idea that our cultural shift towards a more sustainable way of living is no longer a luxury, but a requirement.

By using the algorithm of a tree, we have reverse engineered the natural growth cycle of plant-based materials and utilized bio-mimicry to transform hemp fibers and protein based bonding agents into a viable wood substitute that is 100 times faster to grow and 20% stronger than oak.

With all typical hardwood applications being the core function of HempWood, the possibilities are nearly endless. 

Our intention has never been to just create another lumber product. Instead, we strive to benefit humanity by providing a viable wood alternative. 

Brands: HempWood, Fibonacci, LLC

 Press Releases

  • HempWood is a hardwood alternative composed of hemp, soy flour, and binders (without isocyanates). As an engineered flooring product, the base is Columbia Forest purebond plywood. HempWood is harder than oak, and a durable wood option that promotes the carbon sequestering hemp-growing industry. All hemp for this product is grown locally in the U.S. and the entire supply chain is within a 100-mile radius of Murray, Kentucky. HempWood products are available either with a factory finish or unfinished. Wax or oil are suggested healthier options for unfinished floors. Check out Alternative Finishes in HML’s Healthier Design Alternatives.


  • HempWood Flooring
    HempWood flooring is built on an engineered format. With an all natural soy-based glue and no added VOCs plywood, HempWood flooring is a viable, eco-friendly flooring option....

  • HempWood flooring is built on an engineered format. HempWood is made through the process of compression, adhesion, and baking. With an all natural soy-based glue, HempWood has no added VOCs or formaldehyde. Additionally, hemp is a sustainable alternative to traditional woods, like oak. For the flooring, we use no added VOCs poplar plywood. HempWood flooring is T&G for ease of installation. HempWood flooring comes in multiple options, including Unfinished, Natural, and Bourbon. We also offer tints, which include Whitewash and Amber.