Negative Air Systems

Marietta,  GA 
United States
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Welcome! Visit our booth for a chance to "Clear The Air!"

Negative Air System Products:

  • They allow for a Cleaner, Safer work environment
  • Are completely non-invasive, temporary installations (sets up in just minutes)
  • Remove Dust, Odors, & Fumes from the work area by creating negative air pressure
  • Reduce wear & tear on the job site’s HVAC systems, ducts, & filters
  • Save time during clean up process by minimizing the amount of dust & debris
  • Full line of accessories available 

Stop by and see how a Negative Air Systems door or window unit can keep Dust, Odors, & Fumes from being part of what your customers remember about you.

Brands: Zephyr * Tempest * Cyclone * Chinook

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 Press Releases

  • (Jun 30, 2021)

    A major concern in Construction/Remodeling is Airborne Dust, Odors, and Fumes generated by the many trades. Previously, you just used Vacuums, Plastic, etc. to control the problem, but with no means of truly solving the issue.

    The Zephyr sets up in seconds and creates negative air pressure, producing a healthier workspace and dramatically reducing cleanup.


  • Zephyr
    Temporary Installation allowing 9000 cu.ft. per minute of air to be removed from a workspace....

  • The Zephyr is a lightweight, fully transportable unit that fits almost any Exterior Door and only requires a 110 Circuit to remove 9000 cubic feet of air a minute, 4 ½ times more than a box fan. The Zephyr sets up in Seconds and creates Negative Air Pressure inside a workspace, thus removing Dust, Fumes, and Odors.

    It is constructed of high density plastics, vibration dampening gaskets, non-corrosive brass rivets, stainless steel bolts, sealed electronics, all wrapped in easy to clean vinyl.

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