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Matthews,  NC 
United States
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Ogden Group is an international group of manufacturers and distributors, including Ogden Sales Group, RfsProtech, and Neva Trade, that together offer complete manufacturing solutions to companies within the wood product industry.

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About Ogden Group

Ogden Group manufactures and distributes thin-cutting frame saws and a CNC Horizontal ReSaw for industries producing sawn veneer products. We also distribute a wide range of frame saw and bandsaw blades and provide saw blade sharpening services. Ogden Group manufactures a Continuous PUR press that uses hot melt glue for the production of engineered flooring.  Our newest line is a manufacturing method that replaces plywood with a solid core substrate.  The core substrate consists of a 2-ply construction - rotary-peeled or sawn veneer bottom layer and a top layer of sticks that are gang-ripped from low-grade lumber. The wear layer is then applied on top of the core substrate. 



Brands: Flooring Core System PUR Flooring Press Orbit Frame Saw Power Plus Frame Saw CNC Horizontal ReSaw


  • Flooring Core Line
    A manufacturing method for the production of solid core substrate

  • With the recent shortage and increased cost of plywood, Ogden Group has developed a manufacturing method that replaces plywood with a solid engineered core substrate.  The solid core substrate consists of a 2-ply construction - a rotary peeled or sawn veneer bottom layer and a top layer comprised of sticks that are gang-ripped from 4/4 low-grade lumber.  The wear layer is then applied on top of the core substrate, just as it would be placed on plywood.

    The substrate core is typically made into a panel that is 2’ wide by 8’ long.  This panel is then ripped into the widths required for the flooring.  Based on a 2’ x 8’ panel, the machinery system can produce over 20,000 sq. ft. of substrate core per shift. 

  • Power Plus Thin-Cutting Frame Saw
    Ogden Group’s frame saws are used in the production of veneer slats/lamellae for the wear layers used on engineered flooring....

  • The frame saws use multiple, thin blades, as thin as .036" thick, producing a smooth finish, ideal for face-glueing.  An optional channel guide system allows for feeding up to 5 blocks of wood through the machine simultaneously.  Our Orbit model uses a patented saw frame movement that retracts the blades out of the cut during the upstroke resulting in better removal of the wood chips from the saw blades.  The advantage is dust-free veneers, reduced heat build-up, and longer saw blade life.


    • Linear Guides for Smooth Carriage Movement
    • Easy Access for Saw Frame Changing
    • Automatic Central Lubrication System
    • Solid Cast Iron Machine Construction
    • Precision Stop/Start Feed System
    • Solid Steel Crank Arms
    • Air Blast Cooling System
  • PUR Continuous Roll Feed Press
    In the flooring industry, the PUR Continuous Roll Feed press is a fast and efficient method for laminating the top veneer wear layer to the plywood substrate using PUR adhesives....

  • The PUR Continuous Roll Press is a heavy-duty designed press constructed with a window style steel frame and precision machined lineal steel beams.  The machine consists of 5 driven steel rollers on the bottom and a combination of 5 hydraulically loaded rubber and steel rollers (NIPS) on the top and it is capable of exerting up to 750 lbs/lineal inch on the product being laminated.

    The system can be equipped with automatic in-feed which places the random length veneer on top of the plywood.  The press can also be fitted with a flying cut off saw which is attached to the out feed of the press.  The saw detects the random length veneer wear layers and cuts them on the fly without having to stop the press.