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Streamline, organize & better manage your business, with user-friendly QFloors Software. Made for small, mid-size, and large operations, QFloors software has features customized for wood flooring, and helps you track inventory, sales, leads, accounting, reports, job costing, taxes, purchase orders, and more. It helps boost efficiency and productivity, and lowers stress. Stop by our booth for a demo, and ask about our money-saving NWFA show specials!

Affordable Software Ideal for Wood Flooring Dealers

QFloors is a user-friendly flooring software that helps small, mid-size, and large flooring businesses streamline operations, lower overhead costs, and boost profits. QFloors efficiently manages inventory, sales, leads (CRM), accounting, reports, job costing, taxes, B2B, estimation, checkbook, and more. Our affordable, groundbreaking cloud software – QPro (starts at only $65 per month!)  is web-based, and can be used on any device with an internet browser. QPro saves you expensive IT setup costs, is easy to use, and offers helpful features and flexibility ideal for hard surface flooring. QPro and QFloors both integrate with MeasureSquare estimation software as well as other programs and services out there. Nervous to change? We offer truly exceptional technical support, with unlimited free training w/purchase, as well as 1 yr. unlimited phone/online support. Be sure to also ask about our new QProPay payment solutions, our new QConnect integrations, and our NWFA specials! Learn more today!

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  • QConnect
    QConnect is an integration that shares information between QFloors software and your websites or other lead generating sites, or with CRM software. With QConnect, you can ensure the products on your website coincides with the products in your showroom....

  • QConnect is a newer QFloors integration that seamlessly connects QFloors business management software with your websites, lead generation sites, and CRM. And now, with QConnect you can send lead and sales notifications to your website provider, send product catalog information so it’s automatically updated and displayed on your website, and automatically or manually send review requests to those who have completed a sale.

  • QPro Software - New Updates
    If you’re using QuickBooks, Excel, or pen and paper to run your flooring store, you need to check out QPro Software. With an updated interface and features, this affordable, browser-based software brings time savings to smaller dealers....

  • QPro (version 2.0) is a newly-designed flooring software that’s geared towards smaller dealers in the industry. It includes all the features that were in the first version of QPro, (browser-based cloud technology, inventory management, sales tax reporting, sales orders & proposals, B2B transfers, PO’s, etc.) as well as these new features:
    • Customizable color schemes
    • Reporting features that allow you to instantly upload data
    • New designer tool for customizing reports
    • Job costing enhancements
    • Skedit labor scheduler integration
    • Search option enhancements
    • Drag and drop columns and full screen viewing options 
    • Enhanced expandable and collapsible features
    • Ability to now view multiple window tabs
  • QPay - Credit Card Processing
    Now with QPay, QFloors’ credit card integration, dealers can send payment requests to customers and bring them to a secure landing page where they can complete payments. Payments are then automatically posted to the Sales Order payment window in QFloors....

  • QPay (QFloors' credit card processing product) provides flooring dealers low rates and easy integration with their QFloors system. Exciting new advanced features have now been introduced, which include the ability to send customers (via email) or post (on a website or landing page) “pay now” buttons and links, so that customers can pay online. A new surcharging feature also helps dealers utilize legal ways to pass credit card processing fees onto the customer using the card.