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Solutions for engineered flooring, furniture, and multi-layer boards. WINTERSTEIGER is well-known for its state-of-the-art thin-cutting technology, which is used in lamella production throughout the world. Thanks to its “Timber Repair & Cosmetics” (TRC) machines WINTERSTEIGER has become the world’s leading one-stop supplier. The product portfolio at a glance: -Thin-cutting frame and band saws -Wood repairs and cosmetics -Saw sharpening machines -Stellite® and carbide-tipped saw blades

Precision thin cutting frame saws, band saws & timber repair

WINTERSTEIGER is known for advanced thin-cutting technology that is used worldwide in the production of lamellas. Wintersteiger frame saws and band saws offer the smallest of thin kerfs with the highest accuracy available that is a glue-ready surface. Our common customers are manufacturers of engineered flooring, doors, windows, multi-layer boards, pencils, musical instruments, etc. Wintersteiger also produces the best band saw blades in the world for cutting veneers or logs.  We now offer and support our Serra sawmill machinery brand which produces industrial sawmills for logs up to 64 inches!  Wintersteiger offers custom automation for stacking green veneers and/or lumber into kilns using cost-effective low-profile aluminum stickers.  And lastly, we offer a full range of timber repair and cosmetic machines that range from simplified manual machines to customized automation to meet all volume requirements.  We can repair by injecting cold or hot filler under high pressure into a knot or crack which is ready for stacking or further processing immediately after repair without cure time, or cosmetic requirements allow us to manipulate the grain  

Brands: -Wintersteiger precision cutting and defect repair Solutions -Wintersteiger / VAP System and Automation Solutions -Wintersteiger saw blade manufacturing -Serra Sawmill technology