Berger-Seidle America

Grünstadt,  Rheinland-Pfalz 
  • Booth: 1208

Berger-Seidle is a globally leading manufacturer for the wood floor finishing industry - 100% made in Germany. Berger-Seidle was a pioneer of the whole industry and develops premium finishing products and adhesives since 1926. The company is still 100% family-owned and family-driven by the 3rd and 4th generation. Berger-Seidle is famous for TOP INNOVATIONS, ZERO CLAIMS, GREAT WORKABILIY, FULL PRODUCT RANGE, REALIABLE QUALITY AND PRODUCT PHILOSOPHY, LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIPS and TECHNICAL EDUCATION.

Leading Wood Floor Finishing Products since 1926

Welcome to the Berger-Seidle Booth at NWFA EXPO 2022 in TAMPA, USA!

Brands: +++ AquaChoice +++ AquaSeal +++ ClassicOil +++ BergerBond +++ AbraPrime +++ BergerTool +++ GreenStar +++ CeramicStar +++ BaseOil +++ M1 +++ NaaturalWhite +++ RoyalMat +++ ExoBloc +++