Meet Us in St. Louis


Meet Us in St. Louis

Watch this video invitation from NWFA Immediate Past Chair John Lessick to "Meet Us in St. Louis," hometown of the NWFA, location of the 2015 Wood Flooring Expo.


Why Come to Expo?

This year's Wood Flooring Expo returns home to St. Louis, where the NWFA started 30 years ago. The industry will mark that tremendous milestone. It also will "Play it Forward."

Service to others is something close to the hearts of many in the NWFA. When we come together this April, we will pay it forward to those in need through industry, local and national organizations.

We also will look to the industry's future. The trade show is enjoying four consecutive years of growth, and will be on the St. Louis Rams' dome floor. Education tracks are expanding. The NWFA family is growing. So come on home and ...

Meet us in St. Louis to "Play it Forward!"



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"Play it Forward" at the 2015 Wood Flooring Expo, from April 28 - May 1, and be part of the NWFA's 30th anniversary celebration.